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  1. This is Roni And Fran Fox AKA "DUNESHAUNT". Is is unfortunate that we will not be doing the DUNESHAUNT this year. We have had alot of changes in our lifes in the last year and a half. We are getting positioned to get the Haunt back out there for 2015. WE miss all of our guests, thru the Haunt, and all our fellow duners. Let there be no confusion the Haunt is not dead, it is just entombed for the 2014 season. Have a safe Duning Halloween, Scare YA Later!
  2. It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform all our Dumont Duneing Family that we will be canceling the DunesHaunt, this year. We, the Fox Family, just made a major move to a ranch in Apple Valley. Our renovations on our ranch home started in late March and are still continuing. We were hoping that we would be further along in the renovations and that we would have the time to kick DunesHaunt up from last year. It is unfortunate that we cannot do both the renovations and DunesHaunt. We love putting on the haunt and bringing it to all our fellow duners. We will be back, Next year and we promise DunesHaunt 2014 will be the best haunt yet!!!!! Safe Duneing and Have a Happy Halloween!
  3. DunesHaunt will be there the weekend before Halloween. Everyone be sure to come by and get your DunesHaunt on!!!!!
  4. Yes, it will be the weekend of the 26th and the 27th. Don't forget to come by and visit the DunesHaunt. Check out these threads to see what we have done in the past few years. 2012----- http://www.dumontdun...owtopic=17651 2011----- http://www.dumontdun...topic=16511&hl= 2010----- http://www.dumontdun...topic=15174&hl=
  5. OMG! That looks like ALOT of fun!!!!
  6. I had one leaking on my old trailer. I went to Lowes and got a 2 part waterproof epoxy. Drain all the water first and be patient. It took some time to get it all filled in be it never leaked again. Pete's fix is the better fix, and more permanent than mine.
  7. You're right, Neal. I need to add some 'things', too.
  8. Dude, I want to break down with you!
  9. Dude I would expect nothing less from you! You rock!
  10. Great toolbox Doug.. I do assume this is the tool box at camp. What's with you on the bike?
  11. You forgot the WD40 you can forget the WD40!!!!
  12. I remember that kit from when we had our Harleys. I had a Road Glide full dresser and I let the tool kit go with the bike..
  13. I've been out tinkering in the garage and decided that I'd like to get some input on what all should be included in a toolbox for your sandcar, side by side, quad or bike. Give me a post. Let me know what you're in or on and what's in that toolbox.
  14. Those are some awesome pics. We enjoyed the top of dunes and just was in awe of the beauty of it all. Looks like you guys had a great time, I know our group did. Soon we should pull off a run together. Happy New Year!
  15. 2002 Predator Sand Car 3.5i ShortStar 5 Seater My Grandkids have named it "THE HOTBUS"
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