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  1. We are planning to go memorial day but have never been there. Just wanted to see if anyone was going and if maybe we could camp with some peeps. We hear there's some good riding ? Although we cant leave vegas until sat am but should be there by 10-11am.
  2. thats cool i'll catch ya one of these days
  3. 1-xl 1-2xl if possible not to worried about color at this point.
  4. Pete, do you still have a couple for me ? my timing is not so good been by twice and can't seem to catch ya.
  5. I did introduce myself thats how i met the few that i did most people were only ther for a short while. Blondie i did see your burb but was talking to blue steel and kit cat at the time and did'nt catch you before you left. maybe next time
  6. Yeah kinda disapointing hoping to meet more peeps. To coin a phrase (blue steel) the meet and stare. Althought met blue steel, kit cat and higher octane. all cool peeps everybody else seemed to keep to themselves. Yes Mark it's me posting you know the Lurker And camped with ynot (he really is pretty shady) J/K Terry, boy what a small town though!!!!!!
  7. Well said ynot nothing is free. And Dune Dad i'm sure there are alot of people that dont 't agree with your thinking just ask some of those in need this past weekend. Thankfully we were not althought we did break 3 flags. and taxes please don't get me started. :porn:
  8. Terry, Please contact me regarding some donations for the clean up. Thanks Curtis at Sun Valley Bumper 362-9003
  9. Pete i can donate to the cause, I'll be by your work sometime this week to discuss the details.eventhough can't make it that weekend. :banghead:
  10. Manhole cover in the street works for me! It's close and free.
  11. Looks great Travis, congrats but needs a shell or tonneau!!!! J/K !!!
  12. I would be down for meet& greet. What time 2:00 @ south pole ??????
  13. Glad to see peeps getting accross. I'm sure the road will get fixed just in time for it to rain on thursday and the run off will be there friday. which of course is when we'll be rollin in. By the way is there going to be a meet n greet saturday????? lookin for some sand time Wet or not need a fix!!!!!
  14. Cool were in 2051-2054 we will see you there!!! Ready to see and
  15. Just wondering if anyone is going to the drag races.If so lets get together. I know most everyone is hitting the sand but we do the drags every year. We are camping in the el monte lot so if your going let us know and well do some
  16. if it's a 6 1/2 ft bed it will work on 04-current, 1/2 or 3/4 ton!
  17. That stuff is the devil's mix. lost my brother to it!!!
  18. yeah, and barely makin it!!! i'd rather buy a rail but that ain't HAPPENING any time soon!!!!!!!!!!!
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