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  1. The weather was perfect, but the dunes were not smooth like I was hoping. We were there with 3 SxS's and it was empty witch made for some good rides. One ride we took was 3.5 hours just all over the dunes and we did not see more than one other group you have to love having the dunes all alone.
  2. That's must have been a big hit. The stock can am cage is one of the best stock cages out. Hope the other person is ok.
  3. Verry nice, I was thinking of getting one just like that and trading in the old rhino.
  4. Yes you do. I had a ranger come in our camp and look at all the bikes for stickers and we just showed up. He watched us take them out of the trailer to see if they all had them.
  5. http://www.commanderforums.org/forums/other-side-side-vehicles/13090-polaris-vip-online-launch-2014-rzr-now-open.html There is a spy pic of the new rzr.
  6. I am posting up for a friend. Older frame but i have replaced most of the parts. It has a 1600 dual port. new cluch new hubs bfg mt's on the back it has a flat bed trailer that goes with the rail with ramps that are built in. For questions or info do not email. Call me at 702-497-0470 my name is kenny $3000 obo 3.bmp 2.bmp untitled.bmp
  7. Nice ride that warrior is solid. Yamaha has had that motor around for a long time.
  8. would you take $40?if so ill come get it.
  9. Ill throw in a full set of paddles for the z! I would like to get a new toy and i have 7 quads so give me a call and we can work something out.
  10. :bump: for a new price, $2200 each or $4000 for both i found a teryx i want at ride now. I would rather get them to a person that will ride them for a fair price rather then trade them in.
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