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  1. See our complete ad on our site here: https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/item/15463/1ftsx31f3xea38571-1999-ford-f350-super-duty-4-door-short-bed-4-wd-73-diesel/ to see 24 pictures and read all about it. See it at Doghouse Mon-Fri 9-3 - ask for Phil $15000 cash - inquire for credit card purchase 168107 miles
  2. Doghouse

    Powdercoating in Las Vegas

    I also used Ram Proline once. I had taken them a Harley exhaust to coat and I wanted to keep the chrome tips. I was told it was not possible to protect the chrome during the process and ended up getting the whole system coated. I'm disappointed to hear that protecting a part is a possibility. It makes me think I should have been more insistent.
  3. I have stopped selling the stickers.
  4. Doghouse

    Powdercoating in Las Vegas

    Amazing powder coat / Amazing iron works. 2600 Capella Ave., LV 702-430-9078. or call Hector @ 702-445-2528
  5. Doghouse

    2018/2019 Passes

    BLM delivered them around last Friday - NO, I am not selling them anymore.
  6. I will trade for a newer 20' trlr with tandem axles, brakes and 96" ramp door. Inquire
  7. thanks, I was able to load. Great.
  8. Best offer over $8000 gets it lt235/85R16E tires (10 ply) gvw 9999#s 7' ceiling 6'6" ramp door W 96 x 78 H 4' x 4' beaver tail 40 gal fuel tank in floor 2 roof vents with maxair covers 4500# 12V tongue jack group 27 deep cycle battery in 12V fused and wired center o/head cabinet 20 watt solar charger / regulator 36" x 76" side door aluminum cabinets in v nose spare tire inside mounted all LED lighting 52' of e-track on floor on 5' center E track in V 6000# torx axles 8 lug retractable door step 22' floor rectangular and 6' v nose tires are 32" tall ser # 1N9BV2822FP159856 model TM22/10WV: 22' x 8.5' body 8' alumin o/head cabinets - 16" x 16" in V bought new 12-12-14, custom made for Doghouse by Trail Boss Smooth exterior walls, no rivets or screws 6'6" long ramp built for loading sandrails and Rhino's NOT full size trucks or cars. jack down leveling/ stabilizer rear legs Floors & walls water sealed Best offer over $8000 gets it Inquire for deposit or purchase info regarding using a credit card. See on our site using this link: https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/item/15302/tm22-10wv-2014-trail-boss-28-nose-custom-hauler/ See it @ Doghouse Repair 1371 W. Basin Ave, Pahrump, NV 89060 - 775-727-9344
  9. Doghouse will not be selling Dumont passes
  10. Doghouse

    Doghouse NO LONGER sells passes online

    After buying online, they complained to BLM about my charges (they didn't have to buy from me online), also complained they didn't get them in time (should have bought sooner) they got in by showing their receipt I send them online. Now, everyone looses. BLM told me I can't sell them online unless I charge face value. Who's going to pay the merchant fee for processing the credit card I asked 'not our problem' I was told (cash from now on) Who's going to pay for the envelopes and tape and ink for processing orders I asked 'not our problem' again Who's going to pay for shipping I asked 'not our problem' again (in store pickup only from now on) so, there it is Cash in my store from now on
  11. Thanks to some cry babies (that bought their passes through our website) complaining to BLM at Dumont, Doghouse will NO LONGER sell any Dumont related passes online. We still sell them in our store FOR CASH ONLY Admin, please remove our site link on your page.
  12. Doghouse

    28 foot Concession Trailer

    oh, sweet!
  13. Doghouse

    28 foot Concession Trailer

    sorry to see this.