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  1. Last and Best year of the 5.9! No DEF, No Particulate Filter! 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Big Horn Quad Cab Diesel 5.9 Cummins Diesel 325 HP 610 lb/ft Torque. 185K Miles Auto Trans, Drop In Bedliner Pioneer Stereo, DVD, Touch Screen, Hands Free, Blue Tooth PW/PD/ Slider Rear Window Tow Hooks Tow Package Side Steps Fog Lights Cruise Control Power/Heated Tow Mirrors Weather Tech Floor Liner The price is $18,999 or best reasonable offer. PM or Text 909-633-9143 Located in Apple Valley, CA
  2. Old School Sand Rail with New School Reliability! Great Starter Buggy! I built this buggy 5 years ago, with an emphasis to reliability and ease of maintenance, and I have been upgrading constantly as I tune this or adjust that. Deutz Connectors on wiring to let you pull the motor and reinstall without messing with a tons of different wires, Bus trans for lower gear ratio and strength, stock reinforced VW suspension components for toughness and inexpensive repair should you hit something you really didn't mean to. All relays and fuses and computers in a closed box for security. Fuel injection so you do not have to adjust carburetors if you go from sea level to 10,000 feet. Water cooled for those hot desert days. Plush Suspension seats for all day comfort, with closing pouches to store your Vendor Row purchases. This little car drives like a dream, plush suspension for an Old School, wheelies and jumps like a quad, fits in the smaller toy haulers or on a 10' trailer. I have never weighed it, but I would guess it is in the 900 lb range. You can run the big dunes with your group and show off in the baby dunes where the big boys struggle. Amaze your rock-crawling friends as you make the tough trails look like child's play, with super low gears, extremely light front end and turning brakes you can use like lockers. Toyota Reliability, great fuel mileage, this buggy is the whole package! You want to learn to drive the dunes or play on the hardpack in Johnson Valley or Stoddard Wells, this car does it all. This is the car you want! Light, tough, quick and nimble. The Good: Older Fame, 83" wheelbase, taller cage, Suspension seats, Customized stock suspension. .060 Aluminum Roof Toyota MR2(4A-GE) fuel injected motor, Stock Computer Stainless Steel Super Trapp Muffler VW Bus IRS Transmission, Rebuilt with about 20 hours since rebuild Type 2(Bus) CV Joints(2x the articulation of Type 1) Fox Racing Shocks, all corners Baja Pro Style front tires, with tubes on Polished Douglas Spindle-Mount aluminum wheels 1300-15 paddles, 3 years old, still have the nubbies, no plugs or patches, on HD Polished Douglas Aluminum Wheels 3 sets of rear tires included, Paddles, Desert and Loading Extra Front wheels included, Old School Spokes All lights are LED, 2200 lumen spot fronts Brake Lights Neal Pedals, CNC Gas pedal Turning Brakes 5-Point Simpson Racing belts Removable Steering Wheel Boxed Rear Trailing Arms Chrome Front Arms Reinforced Spindles Disc Brakes in Rear Spun Aluminum Fuel Tank Custom Suspension Seats Cooler Cover that matches the seats Adjustable drivers seat Adjustable Pedals Tool Box Clean SPCN title and current green sticker Whatever spare parts I have laying around, anyone that has built anything like this knows what I am talking about! I have built a rack that fits a full-size shortbed truck that can be sold with this buggy for $500. It needs a winch and little finishing. The Bad: Severe Buggy Addiction, and there is no cure! Price $3.500 OBRO. Prefer in person negotiation, after you see it, hear it run, I can take you for a little cruise. Partial Trade for good 9mm semi auto through FFL. Delivery available up to 100 miles, .95/mile. I accept cash, or cash for payment. No Paypal, Check, Credit Cards, Shipment to Nigeria(no, not even if you over pay and have your 'Representative' pick up, sorry). You are welcome to call or text 909.633.9143, John. I can sand Peter Pan And Tink off the roof, down to bare aluminum if you think you may grow up one day.
  3. I have a 1" 4.5CLR 180° die that I am willing to trade straight across for a 1" 3CLR 180° die. Yes, I am willing to trade a $235 die set for a $155 set. I live in the High Desert, So Cal, if not local, we each pay our own freight. The die set is not new, but I will have it cleaned up and ready. Uploaded with ImageShack.com Uploaded with ImageShack.com
  4. 2000 DS 650 Racer( Yellow) Stock Internals OMR Carb mod's K&N Filter with outerwears Big Gun pipe, complete, not a slip-on Steering Dampener Twist Throttle(still have thumb if you wanted to return to stock) Comes with knobbies and paddles Paddles are Scat trak edge, 20" Front sand tires are similar to sand stars Knobbies are original Kenda's( That will show you just how little this bike has been used!) Always stored insude I have only had this on hardpack a few times, it is a sand beast. It really has not been ridden that much, all things considered. I bought it in 2008, and we go out maybe 3-4 times a year. This bike is smooth, fast and very reliable. It isn't a MX bike, it doesn't feel like it is trying to buck you off constantly, and you don't have to worry about constantly being in the rpm 'sweet spot', you lug the motor down low, or let it run up high, it doesn't care. Stock long travel suspension with great shocks, wide stance and the longer swing arm that came on the early DS models make this an all day cruiser that dunes great and climbs hills steep enough to bring serious pucker. This bike has great torque and a high top end that makes riding fun. I have never crashed on it, never even dumped it over so the plastic is still in good shape even after 13 years. I am looking to get $1,800 for the bike, clear title and current green sticker. Let me know if want to come take a look! The bike is in Hesperia. Possible trade for small car or truck, Bypasses, coilovers, Mastercraft or PRP seats, *interesting items*, but alas, no tattoo work... John 909-633-9143
  5. Well Randy, you are the hero over on GD.com. They are certain it is their buggy and are happy as hell to be getting it back.
  6. Randy, there be folks on GD.com think you are truly deserving of some ICDB! I agree, good on ya! I hope they get their toys back without too much damage. John
  7. One of the tricks mentioned was SO right, study what your desires are, and only buy once. My wife and I are older, top of our earning game, kids grown and gone. I can not imagine trying to support a dune habit when I had young un's at home. Not with a small weekend at dumont running $200 just for fuel, not even getting to the beer, extra food and at least one trip down vendor row. You will get there, just do not let your dune addiction over ride your common sense. Family first, take care of the kids and mama, the dunes will be there when you're ready. John
  8. We hosted a mini family reunion at Dumont for Halloween, here Sissy and myself.
  9. I am old school too! Just finished mine in September, been to the dunes twice, trying to get the bugs worked out and learn how to drive the damn thing now. Here is a vid of this thanksgiving playing in the baby dunes just south of the North Pole. First buggy, making mistakes and having tons of fun! reworked old school chassis, IRS, Standard king/link front, Toyota 4A-GE motor from 85 MR2, stock computer and fuel injection
  10. I have the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrack or something of other. Bought 35" online for about 900 shipped. Always have had good luck with good year. Last set was their wrangler AT/S, and were good for 60,000 miles, these aren't even half worn down and I have 30K on them.
  11. Haven't duned a sami, but I have duned jeeps. Wide wheels with big offset to get the trac wider. if you have to whip it around on a hill, start your turn while you still have momentum, and gas it. let the back end hang out just like a quad. Things don't tip no where near as easily as it feels like it will. Look for some 31 x 15 x 15.50 Good Year x-terras. I have a pair that you might be able to talk me out of. Turn them around so they work like paddles. You'll love em! I ran four on my jeep, but you can run just two and probably get away with it, sami's don't weigh much they look like this.
  12. I tried my hand at building a little zero travel old school rail. On a severe budget. Mama says we cannot afford a car, so I tells her, "I can build one for under a grand!" Me and my big effen mouth! I can't weld fer chit, I have been in sales for so long I pretty much forgot what work really feels like, I had nothing to go by but pictures of other peoples set ups made from parts I canna afford..... Picked up a frame for 75, a toyota MR2 motor with adapter for 125, seat were 50, trans 65, front end 25, pedals 40, front tires 40, rear paddles free, misc all together came to a grand total of $1241 before licensing. Now to tear it up!
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