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  1. We're heading out Sat morning to avoid the wind.
  2. Yesterday was short sleeves. Today, not so much.
  3. My Excursion is 2wd, pulling a WW fs2600. I'm gonna have to punch it at the ranger station to make it through. Watch out!! LOL
  4. Heading out Saturday morning. Wife got us a pair of season passes for Xmas. Looking forward to another fun weekend at D!
  5. I have a new set of springs I want changed from silver to red. Who's out there?
  6. Mostly Utah trail riding, and drone flying for us so far.
  7. Need one for the cooler, and a big one for the back of the T/H.
  8. I worked Memorial Day weekend. Sorry, no pics. LOL
  9. Does anyone here cut DDR and or Dumont Dunes decals?
  10. That was easy. LOL Thanks, Pete!!
  11. Here's an aerial from last Thanksgiving.
  12. They are putting in several new campsites that will have power, and water. They're right next to entrance station. Ranger said they should be done by end of month.
  13. The wind from last week made for some interesting conditions. Only a handfull of riders, and a whole lot of people walking around in the sand. Campground was full, but quiet. Pretty much the total opposite of Dumont. LOL
  14. Utah DNR just reported this. No details. It's a FB link. Delete if necessary, Pete. Prayers to the family. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1865480783471239&id=515294015156596
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