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  1. Nice!! The nose on that cage is gnarly.
  2. Clark's RV at Baker Blvd/Ca 127 has free water fill, and dump is $10.
  3. I've had them ask where it originated from. They've had no problems with "store bought" bundles.
  4. There's always someone around from now until it gets too hot. Usually pretty spread out. I'd secure the bikes together if I wasn't close by, but that's just how I am.
  5. A couple of us will be there this weekend.
  6. Who says mother nature doesn't have a sense of humor. LOL
  7. FWIW, My wife picked these up at Carter today. Can't find CA non-resident OHV stickers anywhere, except Pahrump. We got them at Valero/Baker last year.
  8. We bought a new pumpkin for the sand.
  9. I just got back from a week of running around SoCal. Every road from Pomona to Dana Point is beat. The entrance road might be better than a lot of those surface streets!!!
  10. I think I lost it on the entrance road like 2 Easters ago. Let me know if found.
  11. After Moab was a ride to the top of the Tushars on the Paiute Trail.
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