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  1. I live in NV and my SxS's are plated(limited street legal) in Utah. If I put "hybrid" badges on the fenders do I need the sticker?
  2. Glendale, Logandale, Mesquite, Hurricane, Alamp, Caliente, Beatty, Jean, Stateline, Baker, Barstow, Spangler, CalCity, etc, etc, etc. We do a lot of riding around SoNV this time of year. Be happy to show you some spots if you want to go ride.
  3. How bout next weekend from now(MLK)? Weather looks to be perfect.
  4. It's a C this weekend. A little rain keeping the dust down helped.
  5. Entrance road was as good as I've ever seen it. Solid A-. Water truck is out. Cruised in no problem, and my TH cabinets are still on the walls.
  6. Man, we haven't been able to hit Dumont all season, until this weekend. It'll just be crowded, and windy. LOL
  7. Last time I looked at a sectional for the area the airspace is considered class "G" up to 1500', where it then becomes an M.O.A.(military operations area). You shouldn't have any restrictions.
  8. It had been burned down/destroyed. People are already organizing a rebuild for tomorrow!
  9. Just read that in a FB group. True?
  10. They do fit over my glasses. A bit tight, but that's the way it is. I also wear a full face MX helmet when riding. Another cool feature is that 2 straps are included. 1 is shorter if you choose not to wear a helmet. No more adjusting a single strap. The straps have clips that just slide into the sides of the goggles. The carry bag has individual pockets for each lens, and goggle frame. Whole kit is very well thought out. Dirt 2 Dunes here in Vegas sells them. They post here quite often. https://dirt2dunes.com/
  11. I bought Dune Therapys from Dirt 2 Dunes for my wife, and I. We both love them. (3) magnetic quick change lenses(tinted/amber/clear) for any conditions. They fit fine over my glasses.
  12. We've been at Little D this weekend. Super nice so far. There's a troop of boy scouts camped over here. Gotta be careful, as they've been going out and wandering around the dunes on foot.
  13. We haven't taken the Tecopa route in years. Anywhere to fill up before getting to Dumont?
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