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  1. I also used Ram Proline once. I had taken them a Harley exhaust to coat and I wanted to keep the chrome tips. I was told it was not possible to protect the chrome during the process and ended up getting the whole system coated. I'm disappointed to hear that protecting a part is a possibility. It makes me think I should have been more insistent.
  2. Amazing powder coat / Amazing iron works. 2600 Capella Ave., LV 702-430-9078. or call Hector @ 702-445-2528
  3. BLM delivered them around last Friday - NO, I am not selling them anymore.
  4. After buying online, they complained to BLM about my charges (they didn't have to buy from me online), also complained they didn't get them in time (should have bought sooner) they got in by showing their receipt I send them online. Now, everyone looses. BLM told me I can't sell them online unless I charge face value. Who's going to pay the merchant fee for processing the credit card I asked 'not our problem' I was told (cash from now on) Who's going to pay for the envelopes and tape and ink for processing orders I asked 'not our problem' again Who's going to pay for shipping I asked 'not our problem' again (in store pickup only from now on) so, there it is Cash in my store from now on
  5. Thanks to some cry babies (that bought their passes through our website) complaining to BLM at Dumont, Doghouse will NO LONGER sell any Dumont related passes online. We still sell them in our store FOR CASH ONLY Admin, please remove our site link on your page.
  6. Doghouse


    What the customer left off is: The sign in the window of our shop that he read when he went to the door: it says closed until Jan 5th I'll take a picture of it next for you disbelievers that are so quick to say how 'crazy that is'. Then after reading the sign the customer calls the Doghouse phone number, listens to the message that says "we're closed until Jan 5th', then calls back to hear it again. At that point, although I was inside eating breakfast (stuffing my face), I put my bathrobe and slippers on and went out the front door of my house to let the people know "I'm closed". Seeing their look of disbelief that I would be closed wasn't enough, I paused and said the bit about eating. THAT wasn't enough for this customer who then said they needed some rims and wanted to know if I had any. Then I explained that since I am closed and my computer is turned off, I have no idea what I might or might not have. Then I walked back around the corner and into my house. Now for those that think that's outrageous too damn bad. Call before you want to come over. Get the answering machine that says we're closed and DON'T COME, because we're closed. If you don't understand that then too damn bad. I am done having bad days, I stopped vending at dumont years ago. There too, people would come up and knock on my entirely closed up vending trlr and walk around it banging on all the sides to get me to come out (if I was even in there) and sell them what they needed. What about what I need? Maybe when I'm closed, I need a break. Maybe I need to carry on with MY private life and it's needs. Do you go to other businesses when they're closed and try to coerce them to come out and or open for you? If you do, I suggest that I am not the problem.
  7. Still $30 each in cash or more on our site delivered by Priority Mail Here's a link to the ads for either 1 sticker, 2 stickers or 3 stickers: https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/category/1326/california-ohv-stickers-2016-only/
  8. We sell the week NO Holiday, the Annual with holiday and the annual WITHOUT holiday. The prices are the same as last year. See them on our site through this link: https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/category/1315/dumont-access-passes-season-pass/ Thanks
  9. Now available through Doghouse. MAXTRAX is the innovative, lightweight vehicle recovery device that's Australian designed & engineered, and rigorously tested and proven in the world's toughest offroad events and expeditions as the SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY method of 4WD vehicle recovery. Available in other colors and seen on our site, search Maxtrax or go here: https://www.doghouserepair.com/store/category/2593/maxtrax-vehicle-recovery-products/ Here's the Maxtrax site, to learn more: http://www.maxtraxamerica.com/
  10. called just now from my private cell phone. It was answered on the first ring! Doghouse should have stickers in 24 hours now.
  11. not only are the passes defective, so is the service at the ohv office. I can't get anyone to answer the phones there, no matter what day I call or what time of day I call. They took a month to cash our check after we sent it in for stickers sold and then STILL haven't processed our paperwork so we can sell the 2015 stickers! Needless to say, Doghouse can't sell anything but a 2014 sticker because that's all we have.
  12. You should consider marketing those as I'm sure you are not alone in the 'tight fit' category
  13. Interesting that they have the 2015's out and Doghouse hasn't received our supply of the 2015's yet!
  14. before you load your cars for Dumont, crawl under them and tighten your seat belt hardware and your steering shaft hardware. Check your brake system for leaks and loose caliper mounting hardware
  15. We have the passes in store and on our website
  16. My friend Homer & I took the guy that designs the planes for the movie and his camera man for rides over to and then up comp hill in our rails. The camera guy had never been in a rail and he had the time of his life. The designer also had a hell of a ride and it was new to him too, but he had no stomach for blasting up comp hill or coming down it without brakes. Then later I took another crew member up comp hill and Homer took another crew member also. We were drag racing up the hill and about 20 feet from the top, my throttle stuck at full throttle (sand in the Morse cable). I turned and shut it off and my turbo objected loudly to this and it busted my header. I knew this, but my passenger didn't. As we coasted down the hill he said 'why's the engine so quiet?"
  17. wow, thanks a bunch for all the suggestions - several rails in our camp have leaky tire issues - now we have a chance at stopping them!
  18. a long time ago, someone posted here that they had a fix for leaking tires and cracked rims which leaked air it had something to do with a concoction of anti-freeze and a liquid luma seal I believe does anyone have the recipe for this leak fix?
  19. Doghouse is now doing business with MS If you have MS shocks and need help, give me a call
  20. and they (health dept) will also dictate to you where you can buy your food (the commissary). They'll also tell you the days you can vend (you can't just go out and vend like parts vendors or t-shirt vendors). You must also be self sufficient, they'll educate you on that as well. consider bringing a living quarters trlr or moho.
  21. good thing you didn't find my camera, cause you wouldn't be able to post the pictures, this being a 'family' forum!! By the way, for those duners that saw my old pickup and vending trlr out at Dumont: It's not mine anymore I don't sell parts at Dumont anymore I don't bring parts to Dumont anymore I can be seen driving around in my Penny Pincher rail though, so don't be afraid to say hi !
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