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  1. Hey man good riding with you on Saturday. Everyone had fun. I really need to get a pipe on my bike, I got spoiled riding yours. I'll let you know when I'm headin out for another weekend. Right now it looks like we wont be back till Thanksgiving. Were goin to Glamis for the weekend before halloween.
  2. I'll be headin out thanksgiving weekend. Might be lookin for someone to camp with if none of my peeps go up. Just got back from D today, What a kickass weekend.
  3. Hey man I saw your car helpin out the guy that broke down at comp on sat. I got it on video too. What happened. Sounded pretty ugly.
  4. I grew up on water and never touched anything that was built for dirt untill I was 19. I went with a quad so I can have something fast enough but still feel safe on, well, Somewhat safe.
  5. My only complaint is that my season doesnt start till this weekend. And I havn't had a chance for something bad to happen yet.
  6. I'm headin out with a little group. Just look for the stock Chevy S-10 towin a flatbed, I'll probably get it stuck at some time or another, got my own tow strap. LOL.
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