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    88 lt250r
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  1. congrats, hope u like it. i personnally thought that the 700 raptor was the worst bike i ever owned. (sorry) to top heavy and big in the middle, no where near any 450's. but if u love it F me
  2. they r sick fast. this is the one i built a few years back
  3. F registering in nv (vegas). for what, to ride at apex (nellis dunes) they give me something like chadwick (mo) or dumont i.e. a real ride spot then maybe. if i gotta go thru all the trouble make it street legal like az. my .02
  4. i think that's a std. parks and rec. thing they just don't bother at the d. i know that chadwick park in missouri they don't play tho :ogp:
  5. this is what happens when a state goes broke! so twist the easy arms for money just like nv is starting with this suppossed havin to register ohv's. if i have to register it and pay to get in somewhere i'm gettin a farm triangle and drivin it on the friggin street
  6. for sho i can't wait to get back out to the D
  7. RAM PROLINE, 4685 copper sage st. suite B, lv nv 89115 702-396-4500. there basically at craig and lamb, they do totally bitchin work and blast and pc any and everything. they are behind atv cycle sports.
  8. nlvredneck


    Hope it all works out with the sale. Please let me know. Thanks
  9. nlvredneck


    Do you still have the long hair ?
  10. yep they work awesome under boost! my buddy builds gsxrs that run 220 at bonneville with no plastic!
  11. our gsxr lt 250r runs 68mph up banshee and we haven't done anything but change the oil! you can have 2-strokes and re-building them all the time.
  12. dp is right, it WAS a 600 yammy (crap) it's now a ZUK 1000!!!
  13. 4 psi frt & rear! tire pressure aint that much of a differance as rider and set-up.
  14. LTR 450 hands down. the predator is a major P.O.S. the banshee is totally out dated with zero suspension. the ltr handles, has the power, stops, and has NO reliability issues.
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