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  1. Not much Pete. I miss the dunes. I don't have any toys anymore. Long story but a couple of surgeries have forced me to let the fast toys go. Now I just go rock crawling and exploring with my jeep. I miss you guys.
  2. I didn't do much. I really miss the dunes. TRES HERMANOS FOREVER!
  4. With everything that is going on I can't afford to use it. If you know anyone looking for a nice rail let them know. I really miss all my sand family members.
  5. Actually I want to sell my rail so no I'm not interested anymore.
  6. Nothing has changed with my car. I bet you guys thought I was dead!

    1. SAND~~SNAKE


      Don are you ever coming back out to the dunes?

  8. I have come acrossed a smartphone app that is awesome. It's called PDAnet. It lets you use your phone as a modem to your computer to get internet service. The free version is on a trial period that after the trial period runs out you can still use it but it won't let you on secure sites. The paid version is a 1 time purchase for $18.95. I have unlimited internet on my phone so basically I have unlimited internet for a 1 time purchase of about 19 bucks. It's faster than my wireless card that costs me 60 bucks a month. That's getting cancelled. It's not as fast as cable but it's nowhere near as expensive either.
  9. I have turning brakes on my car and have never used them. No need to and was just a waste of money for me.
  10. Chaparral has them too. That is where I got mine. You can also just make one. I have made them a couple different times.
  11. I guess I'm not in my right mind. The weather has been so nice I'm thinking about a day trip on Monday.
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