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  1. Just got in from a very good time at dumont Thanks for all your support to everyone Smokin Als BBQ See you at Pres day we be at vendors row if i can get thur Hammer without any problems Thanks Smokin ALS Crew Justin Have fun with your new Trophy LMAO
  2. 1.stugots 2.Randog 3.Jakster884 4.Duner Dan 5.peewee the pinstriper 6.Bustin Bs 7.ninjagreengirl 8.skinner 9.vegas style 10.dunefreak 11.TCS T 12.702LTR450 13.Donnkey 14.mineurbiz 15.CampIdiot 16.dune rat 17.POULE43 +1 18. 19.tres hombre 20.Mad Mattress 21.raspadoo +1 22. 23.Lou B +1
  3. HA white rhino it is Rib dinner Friday night Beakfast Sat morning tri tip or pulled pork lunch Friday night Dinner is 1/2 rack of baby back ribs with potato salad , ranch beans , cole slaw breakfast is 1 of the following Pancakes with 1 meat or breakfast burrito Lunch is tri tip or pulled pork sammie with potato or cole slaw with drink ( Soda or water Hope this help Thanks Smokin als
  4. 1 Smokin als 1 2 Jack and John 2 3 Brian Nicky , Cody, Jaboc 4
  5. Not to talk away from this bad thing But How many of us stop at Baker Ice and speak to Grandma well Grandma had a accident on 12/31 on the way to Nevada she roll her Nissan truck was ejected and pass away on 12/31 Grandma we all Love you and you will be missed If anyone would like to call JR grandma son You may do so His # is 760 9538965 Rest in PEACE Smokin ALS BBQ AL Tomblin
  6. Yes i will be their on Friday TILL SUNDAY MORNING
  7. Smokin Al I broke a 2 year record this trip the car loaded under its own power for the 2nd time knock on wood. I think Brian Finally fixed it after 4 other people has tried Thanks Brian had 2 great runs almost got in crash that was close one. Inches away a bunch of 99 cent fireworks ( still LMAO )
  8. Smokin ALS , Brian and Crew will be their Iam not sure of were we will be camped at maybe Vendors row see what happens
  9. Thats all true But How Fun was it. It was best time in had in LONG time
  10. Great Night Last Night Travis Turn it Up LOL Donny Great Time Pete all i can say is LMAO all Night B Nicky , Kids Passout and Miss all the Fireworks at 3:00am Thanks for a Great Time Smokin Al
  11. We will be their Just look for the Smoker would you like anything we will have B Burritos in the Morning Tri Tip at lunch and maybe ribs at night let me know Thanks AL

  12. Just Spoke to BLM and as per Lilly the road will be Fixed by Tuesday unless more rain comes
  13. So Pete do I have to change my Screen Name I Think that would be # 5 LOL
  14. Thanks for the Great weekend Great people Great Time Food OK LOL thanks Justin , julie, Pete, Anna. Travis and crew,BERT Jack See YA New Years at Vendors Row Smokin ALS And YES i drove the car in the trailer on Sunday Thanks B, Nicky, Jacob , Cody
  15. AL T


    Let Me Know Neil I f my Motor stay together this year LOL I Think i can still --- it -- LOL :cheesebong:
  16. AL T


    Ok Here the deal Smokin Als bbq will not be at Vendor row on halloween But here the Good News Iam bring the smoker and grill out we will be there for DDR People only we will have breakfast burritos till about 10:00 am then Tri Tip at 1;00 to 3:00 thenpulled pork and tri tip 5;00 to about 7:00 look for the smoker Iam going to camp with someone O and by the way we are looking to camp with someone Brian, Aaron and Al if you not mind Iam not selling food its going to be give what you can Breakfast burritos 8;00 am till 10:00 Sat only Lunch at 1:00 till 3;00 Sat only dinner at 5:to 7:00 pm Sat only and maybe some ribs ribs will be by order only at $ 10.00 per rack thats my cost i will only bring 18 racks ( 1 case ) Iam only bring enought to feed about 100 so let me Now Thanks Al , :atc: B and A
  17. AL T


    No the person that put on the halloween trailers will not be their after he lost 5k last years at lease thats what he told me
  18. You are 1000% right Thanks one more time AL Gravy maybe next time :hatdance:
  19. Thanks BOB Its all because of you No really thanks Al
  20. The Passenger lost her shoe but was fine no broken ankle she was FINE So Sorry danny God speed
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