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    class of `95 Peterbilt "379" converted to RV
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    car builder (V8Rail.com) and Bigrig based RVs (Fastmover.us)
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    the 3 Beees:<br />Buggies<br />Big rigs<br />Beer

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  1. spooner

    show your DDR bird pics

  2. spooner

    camera shopping...again

    Looks great Pete so i guess we will see even better pics from you ?!? we have a older but very reliable FinePix S4 Pro.... i just checked the counter; she made just over 13000 pics already ... and never had a single issue...
  3. spooner

    my next toy?

    Jake smart answer! sounds like you know what your doing
  4. spooner

    Ragdoll, sandsoulja

    LOL found this avatar at a other site ...maybe me think of you guys
  5. spooner

    post how heavy your rig and trailer are

    lol ... the dark side i made a all-purpose steel bed for the Pete that fits behind my extended sleeper (7'x8' deck with 30klbs goose, 45k pintle and 2"hitch .....my plan was to build a tricked-out gooseneck from the ground up .....but i realized that i simply dont have the time to do that. so i`m back to plan "B"; right now i'm looking for a used 40'-48' frameless aluminum dry-van trailer (the crazy thing is you can buy them way cheaper then what you would pay for the building material ) so last week i actually re-installed the commercial "Holland" trailer hitch plate to the bed. we plan to move in the spring (that big dry-van will be very handy for that ) after we are settled i plan to convert the trailer into a pimp toybox
  6. spooner

    post how heavy your rig and trailer are

    ... so Doug, you have only 11000 lbs left for tongue weight ? man, i love real trucks the door sticker on our Pete reads 50000lbs GVW (12000lbs front axle 2x 19000lbs rears). i removed one axle... (funny thing is that Dana/Eaton actually bumps the rating to 20000 on a single screw)....so now the new GVW is 32000 lbs. plenty of safety left in load capacity and (more important) brake capacity. maybe some peeps call this overkill ..... but i call it peace of mind... and it is actually a lot cheaper then a pickup truck
  7. spooner

    2008 Sand Addiction Sandcar shoot out

    same here i like the "look" of that buggy (if it would be at least 6" lower).... BUT IMHO to be a serious duner ("duner" as in going over razorbacks and carving turns) you need a lot more than just a good looking ride ...in fact there is a lot of things on it that don`t impress me at all for me it kinda missed the boat: oversized, underpowered , undersized tubing, too much glamis "must have" stuff on it....IMHO if i would go "Mini" i would go with something like Pete`s ride: the bare bone essential.... and just a look at the front spindle geometry tells me already that it was designed by a guy who likes turns btw this is not intended as a "bashing" .....and i dont claim to be any better; in fact i got sucked into that dual street legal must have every gadget kinda crap as well ..... just my 2 cents....
  8. spooner

    Fu#k ebay

    yeah; eff them foreigners!! actually Chris has a good point; i was not clear in my description....
  9. spooner

    Fu#k ebay

    hell no ! i actually grew up in the swiss mountains with roads that hardly ever went in a straight line for more that a couple yards i love "Rally Racing" and my idea of a perfect "sports car" is still a Cosworth 4x4 with limiting "visco" differentials in the front, middle and rear (fastest car i ever drove on the rough and twisty roads back in switzerland )
  10. spooner

    Sammi or Tracker Duner

    in the dune buggies i would never ever use anything else then a automatic based trans a automatic (planetary gear) trans shifts virtually "seamless"; it changes ratio by holding or releasing ring gears to change ratio. there is always thrust on the tires, even during a shift in ratio. on a manual trans you have to interrupt the "transfer of power" to physically change the gears. add to that the high rolling resistance of sand and you actually loose a lot of momentum during a manual shift. i personally would go auto (with a very large cooler on it)....
  11. spooner

    Fu#k ebay

    Chris i dont know what your problem is ...i dont read sales brochures and all i need from a sales guy is that he shuts up and gives me the keys naturally there is no SUV that can match the handling of a lets say BMW .... but there is simply no use for a "real" sportscar in my lifestyle. im actually a very technical guy and i think i know a thing or two about handling (after all i build 4 wheel A-arm cars from scratch that seem to handle fairly well on sand ,desert and the road ) i owned many SUVs and know how bad they usually handle some "spirited" driving. but when i made a 4 day/3700 mile roadtrip with a rented late model Explorer i was actually very impressed with the "sure footed" handling and "road feel" of the redesigned Explorer suspension. i really liked the wider track, the crisp and responsive (for a SUV ) rack and pinion steering and the 4-corner upper and lower A-Arm suspension.......i was so impressed that a week later i went to the dealership and got one add to that the class III hitch, 7000 lbs tow rating, fairly good mileage, front and rear AC, plenty of room for the dog and grocery and the smooth V8 ....thats all i need
  12. spooner

    Sammi or Tracker Duner

    Eddy check this out: tracker $1850 ....gay rims and color but nice interior and straight body
  13. spooner

    Fu#k ebay

    ok....let me say it this way: "sportscar-like" compared to other SUV`s
  14. spooner

    Sammi or Tracker Duner

    sounds like a good idea to me i never liked them narrow, grossly underpowered and top-heavy Rhinos.... i have seen/talked to a guy with a Tracker at buttercup some years back: he had a set of round shouldered high performance tires on it ( floated excellent ) ....was fun to watch him dune that little car street legal, decent power, low center of gravity, good floating tires and (best of all) a lot cheaper then a Rhino
  15. spooner

    Fu#k ebay

    yeah, jackasses are everywhere .....like that guy that had a truck for sale in the Vegas list; he gave me directions to where the truck was parked ....i waited a couple hours with cash in my hand (watching airplanes and drinking ....the parking lot was right under the final approach) ..... but that frigging crackhead never showed up ebay used to have great deals on used stuff but now it seems like everybody wants to get rich selling his overpriced junk who would pay $1000 for a set of 18" factory take-off rims and tires ?!??! i guess some guys are a couple cans short of a sixpack i actually spend only $700 for the set of them nice 20 inchers