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  1. Saw this on one of my solo rides and thought I really like what this represents in so many ways...
  2. Super cool getting our Ghost and Aliens trailer on the PotM!
  3. Yeah, if you can even get the gas to come out of the spout in the first place. Not a very brilliant design by any means.
  4. Yep, just about endo'd into one of those tracks myself this past week, about 2' deep way out east (past all the bathrooms). It's pure laziness by the groups that let their kids create the ditches and just drive away at the end of the weekend. At the very least, they could take a shovel and fill it back in. It'd only take a few minutes. It's just like the folks that dump their weekend's worth of garbage in the fire pit and drive off. Just no respect for anything and the next folks that come along. And how hard is it to tie-down your trash bag in the back of a pick-up truck so it doesn't blow out on the way home. Must have counted five bags of trash on the way back to Vegas.
  5. This was from an off-weekend. Kind of cool shot coming-up on the Big Dune...
  6. Just showing how crowded it was... http://youtu.be/JFtOpKR8UOk
  7. Had a really great weekend over New Years - finally a weekend with NO WIND during the day! Camped with a decent group of people until it came time to leave on Sunday - why do people seem to think it's OK to put 3 or 4 days worth of garbage in the campfire before they leave???? It was a mess, full of beer cans and bottles. I picked-up what I could before we left, but there was still a smoldering mess. Sorry Dumont Dunes
  8. This video was captured using the DJI F450 quad-rotor with an H3-3d gimbal. With the FPV working, I should be able to center my shots better, and get WAY lower to follow the group longer (well that's the hope...).
  9. We're known as the Alien Camp with the eerily green aliens atop our rigs. We'll be along the cliffs, west of vendors row, so stop by. There are several of us the FLY too, so I'd be willing to capture a little footage of your group, or you join our ride group. Maybe see you over the New Year's weekend (just look for the aliens, like my avatar).
  10. Had a lot of fun over Thanksgiving recording this video. Plan to have better camera shots next time with the FPV actually working. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/Ehg_gzp6qio
  11. PM me with an email address and I'll send you something outside the forum thread with links, etc. of what I'm using.
  12. This video was taken late Sunday, maybe around 11am. A lot of people had already left. We camped along the cliffs and there was a steady stream out early Sunday.
  13. DJI F450 - Yes! Was only able to fly the really big hex (custom 650) once - just too windy to lose the big $$.
  14. Dumont from high above! Be sure to watch in 1080P HD! Can you find your camp?
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