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  1. ^^^^^^that bike will hurt a few bigger bikes feeling.......lol
  2. After last years attendance lots of peeps been asking about it, soooo..........Summer night drags @ Dumont will kickoff Saturday June 12th at Banshee Hill, sundown till ?????!!! There will be a 16 light stadium setup and the hill will be graded aswell..................Who's in??????? BRING YOUR A-GAME AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!!
  3. Come on out to Pismo for some good racing!
  4. Mineurbiz + DuneFreak ltr450rider quad~dizzle ISBB sndrunner che che DD Mex450 JR1208 Britincali raspadoo Livetodrag Jakster884 +3 Undertow LasVegasDuner Livetodrag stock 350 and jockey " my son " Don29palms and some friends Sincity_blondie SP
  5. I think he meant that he's not sure if they're spending the night.
  6. couldnt have said it better myself.
  7. Half Mill. Shoot, after paying the manager, trainers, and uncle sam hell deffinitly need a job. All you Chuck nut riders need to give Evans credit. That left jab, overhand right was no luck.
  8. Ill be bringing 2-3 hologen light stands and a few cords.
  9. You're more than welcome to camp with us. Were gonna tent it also, but if we end up taking the hauler there is room for more peeps.
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