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  1. I hate the chickin sh*t speed traps the police are doing now. Sucks you got tagged. I did online traffic school. You can haul a$$ through it, I finished in about 45 minutes. You can go at your own pace, though and knock it out in sections if you want.
  2. Sweet numbers! Will it beat a 3.5 Honda with a hairdryer now?
  3. Nice work guys. It looks great!
  4. http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2010082...cted-by-sex-toy
  5. God help Cheese if the police ever seize your computer....wow. "Ogre sized teacher gets life in prison for all of the illegal content found on his hard drive"! "We aren't sure what's worse, the content we found or all of the useless information and countless re-posts he has posted on a reported 30+ internet forums!!" Summer is over cheese, get back to practicing flash cards!
  6. I've learned that Cheese likes searching for dudes in under ware!
  7. He want's to do this because the RZR has a very poorly designed airbox/intake. It is a known problem and allows the motor to digest sand/dust which kills the top end.
  8. Shirts should have said "You'll have hot, sweaty balls at Henderson Chevrolet"!!!
  9. What are the odds, you've had sex three times and all three resulted with a pregnancy?????? Just kidding! Congrats to both of you!!!!!
  10. X10. If I quit there would be a Vette in my garage!!!
  11. Unreal...I think it's safe to say that whoever did that went out there with the sole purpose to vandalize....way to go A hole!!!
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