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  1. I'm looking to have a alumawood patio cover installed and patio poured(concrete or pavers). Anybody have somebody they know that does this?
  2. happy birthday Jon!

  3. Ahhh, Next time we bring our car in for service can we request that guy doesn't touch it? lol
  4. Finnally some internet police around here.. You do relize this is a message board right?
  5. yeah I know you didn't start in the ruts, about 5 feet over not 80.
  6. This is useless to post but here goes.. Same radar gun you have, so you got yours at toys r us? And you see in the video about 100 feet to the right were the burm ends? Hell I think you can still see 3 starting ruts in the video... Thats where we were racing. Not were you posted this last video..... looks to be a way longer less steep run.
  7. So finally a answer...kinda. Since you won't answer I will, You don't have a 14mm, just somebody you know has one and you like to claim other peoples stuff as yours(well part yours). "ill jockey my 14mill and bolw you a$$ out the water tooo hahahaha" So you want to reword that to say.."maybe my freind will let me ride his bike so that I can give you a decent race because my own bike is too slow" Sounds better. I try to deal with facts As for the big horsepower, Your the one that said your 4mm makes "big Horsepower". But when questioned about it you only talked about ford lightnings and epoxy and some other babble. Remember the discussion was about your big horsepower 4mm? As for the us and we comments. Your builder has put togeather alot of motors.... YOU can't say OUR'S or WE to any of them, because there not YOURS. Showing a picture of a tripple and saying ours just doesn't make sense because it isn't yours.... it's somebody's with more money then you. I know you would like to claim every inland bike as your's but the truth is, YOUR JUST SOME GUY WITH A INLAND 4MM, that's all, I know it's tough to hear, but face up to it you'll be better off in the long run. No you don't owe me an answer to anything but when you jump on the internet and say my 4mm beat a lcp 12mm your gonna piss some ppl off. All personal things a side you don't throw a builders name out there like that, maybe your not smart enough to relize that but it's kinda of a unwritten rule. I've beaten alot of bikes and got beat by a few but wont say the builders name on the internet because it isn't fair to the builder. People watch races out there and sometimes decide to go with a certain builder because they see the way there bikes perform... but also somebody reads on the internet "my 4mm is faster then a so and so 12mm" then there gonna think, wow this guys bikes are fast or the other guys are slow. Which simply isn't the case here. Maybe you should think about what you do to YOUR builders name everytime you post bullshit on the internet. Listen this thread has been fun and I can't wait for the cnote race next time were both out but now it's going nowhere. You wont answer direct questions because you can't admit the truth. And it's just getting too personal. So I'm pretty much out of this thread also. We'll see you at the hill next time.
  8. How's the 20th sound? I should be able to get off that weekend. Thanks for trying to get this togeather jay
  9. And yet another post without answering my questions? 14mm? What does ours and we mean? Still waiting.
  10. There you go with the "we" and "our" bs. There is no we and our only you. you've been asked to explain yourself many times in this thread but no response. You said you were gonna hop on your 14mm and smoke me. but you don't own a 14 do you? And nobody is backing down on the cnote. he said he would be more then happy to take it. Next time we our both there it's a race. And where are you coming up with the "WE ARE SLOW" comment? nobody said anything about anything other then you. the truth was stated, you are slow.
  11. I want to say something else, peg you seem like a allright dude in person. But I don't know wtf your problem is when it come's to the internet, you talk more sh*t then anybody. Not just on here, your not liked on other boards as well. What I don't understand is why don't you talk to ppl in person like you talk to them on the net? It's east to sit behind a keyboard and call ppl's bike junk but in person you'd never think about it. Any answers to why the huge mouth on here but not in person?
  12. So are you faster then jay or not? My money is on jay. Care to give a straight answer here?
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