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  1. Ok so I got the tank back from motor mission and they were super communicative and nice in the shop but I do feel that I got a little taken advantage of on the price for repair.   

    Granted I do not know what it takes to dip a gas tank and weld on it but I have talked to more than a couple of welders now and the all agree that I was over charged.   That is to say that I could have bought a new tank for the cost they charged me to repair my filler neck and add a drain bung.

    $486.00 OUCH!

  2. Hey Pete,



    if I can ask,   How does this affect the need for a generator in you consumption? 

    can you run a tv during the day without a generator running?   I would love quiet power but I’m not sure with just 2 6 volt batteries I’d have enough juice to make it all day and then through a cold night with the furnace fan running 




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  3. Hi all,


    Super old post that I am bring back from the dead but I thought it was worth it with the aging toy haulers out there that are gonna start running into problems like I just did.    

    I filled up the tank for a long weekend boon-docking in the Mojave. And as soon as we got the trailer all set up the wife complained of smelling gas in the trailer.

    I didn’t think much of it until I sat in the chair outside and caught a wiff.   Sure enough there was a decent leak coming from somewhere around the filler neck and no fix to be had. 

    So we pulled all the bikeS to the fuel station and topped them all off and ran the genny like it was going out of style.  Finally the dripped stopped and we could start to rest easy. 

    After the trip I yanked it out of the trailer which is no easy task by yourself and called the neighbor over to help me drain the remaining 7+/- gallons of gas and off to the repair shop I went.


    I ended up going to Motor Mission for my repair and though I have not yet gotten it back I have been in constant contact with them and they have been very hands on and helpful with my repair!   I have great confidence that I will get a good product from them based on the awesome work they have done for me in the past (had a LT1 motor massaged by them)  I will update as soon as I get my tank back.


  4. just wondering where everyone in Henderson gets their wood from? I am not looking foward to driving all the way North to get some if there is a closer option.

    maybe a list of suppliers might be a handy thing to have on here, so that newbies to our area and myself can find better options and the best prices.

    Thanks in advance, Vegas

  5. that's funny. when I went to school we were taught to get the wheels just off the ground and then rock the car.... so if this happens the car falls a minimal distance if its gonna fall... sounds like someone needs a lift safety refresher course. but I am sure that's coming, along with a drug test!

  6. I have rented from Sahara RV many times.... and I have to say that something didn't work on every trip... mostly problems with the heaters which was a HUGE problem for two of my trips (both involved snow filled weekends), the only reason I didn't go somewhere else is because I didn't know I had any options!

  7. Any trip reports or pics? Thread has been dead for a couple of days, hopefully a few folks showed up and had a safe and fun time. Let's hear how it went.

    Well my take:

    It was a good time, but the wind was relentless and the sand was SOFT... especially for those of us that got stuck at the sand trap west of Banshee.


  8. im sure OGP and others will eventually chime in....congrats on the rzr s Mike

    i know there is a must do air intake to keep sand out of your engine....i think its called a UMP or something like that

    of course, you can have the cage redone too, add doors, lightbar...yada yada yada..

    well I am not sure what kind of driving youll be doing, but we use ours for work, and an aluminum skid plate is an absolute must for us! we broke through the plastic one in about 3 weeks from sliding down into and out of gulleys :ahhhhh:


  9. if there is a way to host the files, I can create a file in many formats that people could just save to their comps for many different software packs...IE: Garmin, Lorance, Delorome, .CSV, .TXT, GPX, TOMTOM....

    you get the idea.. let me know if you want something like that


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