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  1. I have called on this recently as well... 25 to certify and 45 with a new valve at suburban.... but you can buy a new tank at HomeDepot for 62.47 + tax http://www.homedepot.com/p/Worthington-Pro-Grade-30-lb-Empty-Propane-Tank-303954/202034841
  2. thanks alot... it took alot of time, money, blood, sweat and tears to get it to that point!
  3. yep, Still have 2 trikes, and now 3 Quads Sold my Lost Wages trike not too long ago to buy an enclosed trailer got 3500 for her!
  4. there are alot of trikers in Vegas too... we do an anual ride in Rasor, Ca. on MLK weekend.... and a ton of riding in the Logandale, NV area. Check www.3wheeler.org for more upcoming rides
  5. just wondering where everyone in Henderson gets their wood from? I am not looking foward to driving all the way North to get some if there is a closer option. maybe a list of suppliers might be a handy thing to have on here, so that newbies to our area and myself can find better options and the best prices. Thanks in advance, Vegas
  6. poynt for sure! Scanner buddy and GPStools
  7. that's funny. when I went to school we were taught to get the wheels just off the ground and then rock the car.... so if this happens the car falls a minimal distance if its gonna fall... sounds like someone needs a lift safety refresher course. but I am sure that's coming, along with a drug test!
  8. I have rented from Sahara RV many times.... and I have to say that something didn't work on every trip... mostly problems with the heaters which was a HUGE problem for two of my trips (both involved snow filled weekends), the only reason I didn't go somewhere else is because I didn't know I had any options!
  9. ours is an 08 and aside from the skid plate, it really hasn't been too much trouble... and at over a couple of thousand miles now it has saved me A LOT of walking at work! Couldn't ask for a better work horse that fits into tight spaces and doesn't poop
  10. Well my take: It was a good time, but the wind was relentless and the sand was SOFT... especially for those of us that got stuck at the sand trap west of Banshee.
  11. Well I guess I will see you all out there.... if you see any of these with the rider nearby come and visit... I will probably be alone out there... couldn't muster up a riding partner, everyone flaked on me! (Clickable)
  12. That place used to be a staple in my diet as well :ahhhhh:
  13. ill have a couple with me... but nothing that fast I'm sure :atc:
  14. well I am not sure what kind of driving youll be doing, but we use ours for work, and an aluminum skid plate is an absolute must for us! we broke through the plastic one in about 3 weeks from sliding down into and out of gulleys :ahhhhh:
  15. :DDR: sure wish I could remember what was said about the overalls ... damn my memory sucks LOL, Found it!
  16. does anybody have a flyer for this event ?
  17. all I am saying is ... expect to see some trikes! :atc:
  18. found everything easily... aside from the wind it was a nice trip... getting warm out there for sure!
  19. if there is a way to host the files, I can create a file in many formats that people could just save to their comps for many different software packs...IE: Garmin, Lorance, Delorome, .CSV, .TXT, GPX, TOMTOM.... you get the idea.. let me know if you want something like that
  20. Thanks, I am well versed in GE... I am a GPS land surveyor for a living but have you ever tried to find a pole in the middle of the sand dunes in GE... its kinda tough :B
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