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  1. Great timing! Kurt and I are going to join you guys with Jason, Rob, and Jeff for a day trip tomorrow,, hope that's ok,,,,woohoo!!
  2. Be there thurs. afternoon/early eve. Just me ,doesn't look like Kurt will be able to get out of work, ;-(
  3. OK i've been working on the tatum with upgrades!! CBM for final Dyno tune the 16th AM.., may hit the dunes ON MY way home?!? . I'm in for ANY weenend after that!! even a day trip.. Can't wait to get it in the dunes TO TRY IT OUT!!!!
  4. Just let me know if anyone would donate an outer ring. Just need for mock up. Thanks Budtbaar@yahoo.com
  5. yep ! leaving thurs afternoon , comp side of bath #6,,,,, camping with Firecracker, White Rhino,,, and others. My son and I will be first on seen.
  6. Darn, that was a sweet toy hauler. I'm looking now for one after I sell my sandrail.

  7. Darn, that was a sweet toy hauler. I'm looking now for one after I sell my sandrail.

  8. Bud,

    Thanks for the great comments and you're right, we have had alot of great runs. Possible different direction with the family. Hope everyone is well on your side and thanks again for the supporting comments,it really means alot to me to see how many good people I've met and have had a great time with.


  9. How can I get that in a Quad?? lol way cool!!!
  10. Bruce ,, So were you lie'n about being undefeated on the hill??!!?? say it ain't so!?!?
  11. ???????????????????????????????/ I'm not buying that for a second!!! somthin ain't right here lucy!?!?!?!?
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