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    Eric McKeown
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    Buckshot X5 Sand Rail
    CR 450
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    Finish Carpenter
  1. Hurry up and get ur a@@ out here! See ya soon.
  2. What do you mean it all the photographer??? I don't remember Lee getting in the buckshot and jumping 120 feet!!! Yah he takes a damn good pic... But I gave him something damn good to take a pic of! Lets see you do it....Beaaatch
  3. Hey Lee That picture rocked!! I'm having it made into a poster!! Thanks again
  4. Hey Lee... Those pics rock! You made my day!! Thanks for taking the time to take the shots!!!
  5. I need to buy bumper sticker for Buckshot for Lou that says "If you can read this, you're too close!"
  6. I don't know whut the I'm doing.... i only know how to step on the gas
  7. Special thanks to Pete and Painter Joe and the guys near bathroom 5 for helping me get my dog Buddy back!!
  8. A million and 1 thank yous to all who helped get my Buckshot off the hill. It was quite an event and I could not have done it with out everyone's help!!! Thanks to Mark for his weld and know how, Lou for toes , Stu for wrenching, Donny for balancing the car and lifting it many times (keep your pants on next time)Thanks Tommy for sharing your nuts while keeping me company, David for the crazy truck ride, painter joe for the stub axle... And thanks to everyone for the support and help!!!!!!
  9. Just got back from Kartech and upgraded my stub axles... i'm coming out next time with one CV joint and one U-Joint to see which breaks first!! LOL
  10. We just got our Buckshot out of the shop... Just got the engine rebuilt... Thanks Mark!! We'll be there fo shizzle! Can wait, got more horse power now... LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll be out Wednesday night or thursday morning.... Rain, shine, snow , earthquake, fire.... Whatever....We be there!!! Can't wait to party under the awning, throw rocks into bottles and race around the dunes... Wahoooooooooooo
  11. dunefreak duniemonkie DPPETE(warrior07) Cole & Dave Mineurbiz (should be 3 more) wsky70 and dunejumper jorge plus one tkriley & his boy Rushjunkie (eddy) +1 Randog crusty LouB Grimdog (Grimace) OGP +2 3rotortrav + maybe more HappyHour + Family Smokin al s (Al T) Camp ( Brain ) & JAke Nick MArk & Jake And the Smoker Mikey Brian (702LTR450) +1 more enthusiast Urkel McKeown99
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