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  1. Been there done that! Get yourself an air mattress and hook yourself up in the bed of the truck, works good.
  2. These pics. were taken with my cell phone so the quality is not great but here are some pics. All in all it was a great weekend with great weather. I would never had thought about a trip to the big D in June! The sand was very technical and I did end up mashing through a few spots I didn't intend on ending up in. Even went off a razor getting some air into a bowl that just popped up out of nowhere but landed it! :ah: There are some major drop offs out there right now.. someone got stuck with their sandrail My 06 TRX450ER Dans 07 LTR450 At camp Dan crying-wishing he had the Honda!
  3. Be there all day!! Look for a LTR450 and the quad in my sig.
  4. For sure Randog! I do something like that at least once every trip.
  5. Arrived Friday night and went over to comp hill, raced up and back down with my buddy once. Got ready and went up a second time, the way back down my left rear tire came off and I drug the axle to a stop! I didn't crash because it was really dark out and I wasn't familiar with the terrain yet so I was only doing about 20 mph. We found that the axle nut came off because I forgot to cotter pin the nuts when I cleaned the carrier bearings from the last trip. Time for my buddy to go back to camp and unhook to give me a ride back in his truck. Just then some peeps left their campfires and I was able to kick back with my ipod and enjoy myself until he got back. Saturday morning we went to vendor row and tried to locate an axle nut but not one to fit the Honda. We met Don and Ellen the camp hosts, very nice people. Ellen got the phone book out for Puhrump and hooked us up with some numbers to call for the local shops. We arrived in Nevada at the Ace hardware and scored a nut to get me by. Three hours later we were back at camp and firing up the bikes for a ride. :hatdance: Haulin' bacon through the dunes on the way to the about half way there I crested and went over a little too fast and ended up doing some gymnastics and karate rolls on the other side with my bike making some moves of it's own. :kitty: I got up and looked around to see a group of folks taking a break that must have witnessed the whole thing! I got back on the bike unscathed and hauled arse to catch up with my buddies. Made it to the pole to enjoy a beverage and repair my splintering flag whip. As usual, I'm really sore from riding so hard and a bit sunburned but the dunes were awesome this weekend! I can't wait to get back.....
  6. I tried that once on my old 400EX and the tab snapped! You may want to look into getting the tabs reinforced before they snap too.
  7. Those are some huge flags! Did you reinforce the flag mount tab?
  8. Cel phones are great.....Thank you.... Lookin' GOOD !!
  9. I'd like to see what the conditions are like out there right now, up to--and after the weekend shots. Post up!!!
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