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  1. Had a great time...first run out I had my tires waaay over pressured and the car was handling very poorly...and 15 months between runs does not help my driving skills. Saturday I got the tire psi dialed in and what a difference. I starting to get the feel for the car and how it handles. Someday I'll be able to keep up with those lightweight Subbies! Even did some surfing with my rail. Thanks to Bert for those newbie runs he lead on...which really got me used to the way my car handles. The night run was awesome...gonna get some more LED's. I finnaly got to run with Flyin Ryan...2 V8Rails...following him I noticed that our front engine cars have some of the same handling characteristics, Thanks to Pete for the invite and everyone who welcomed us to camp. The car ran flawlessly and no breakage. Looking forward to running with you guys this fall, or maybe a trip to Pismo.
  2. The Bomb will be there...that tow rope will be handy. LOOK OUT WITCHES EYES...I'M GONNA DROP A BOMB ON YOU!!!!
  3. Sorry, can't make it this weekend...work and I still have a small grocery list of things to get done. Two or three more weeks and I will be ready...rail got new rack and pinion with heim joints, new razor blaster front tires/wheels, new 14" bead locks for the paddles, Raptor shift light...she's ready to hit it! Truck got cold air intake, turbo back exhaust, SCT programmer and new Cooper tires. Any ideas about an early weekend ride in March? Got a Go Pro with a butt load of mounts to try out. Also have a new riding friend who's picking up a Rhino powered by a Hiyubusa motor. THE BOMB's ride is still alive!!
  4. Nice, makes me miss my 85 250R. Takes a lot of skill to rock a 3 wheeler...lots of body english. Transitioning razors is waaay different on 3 wheels. Awesome video...I see a Go Pro in my future.
  5. Wow...awesome pic Pete!! That's the best pic ever taken of me riding...my new desktop background!!! I want to give a sincere thanks to all who rescued me this weekend both out in the dunes and in camp. You guys & gals are an awesome group that I would like to become a permanent part of...good drinkers too! The M1 Abrams...I mean rail, suffered some minor damage and will come back even stronger...probably heavier...LOL. Maybe I'll mount a 12,000 lb Ramsey winch on the front and I can tie off to a half dozen rails or so. Now I have to buy one of those Dumont Dunes Riders hats.
  6. Can't wait....did 4 dounuts and drifted the rail at the end of street just getting it on the trailer....LOL. Should be there around dinner time, will be looking for you, Vegas Style.
  7. I'll probably get there Friday around dinner time...riding till Monday night or Tuesday morning....if I don't break anything!!
  8. Where will you guys be? Be specific...it's been almost 5 years for me....Dam...how did I let that happen!
  9. I've been thinking about fabing my own...i'm cheap! Using tube steel and having the ramp pivot down with the use of receiver pins...just pull the pins and the whole ramp drops at an angle so the RV ramp can be lowered without having to remove it from the RV (toyhauler trailer). I'll be hauling one DS 650, but driving it on the ramp (sideways). I can use amuminum ramps and fix them to the side of the RV extension. Also I was thinking of putting a set of trailer lights of the back of the extension and having a simple pigtail for quick connect. Just not sure about the laws. I have already upgraded my toyhauler axles, brakes, tires, tounge and frame, so I'm not concerned about the extra weight.
  10. Installed heavier axles on my 29' Ragin tag....7500 lb axles with 8 lug 16"....went with BFG commercial Ta's and aluminum wheels, had to lift it several inches for clearance but the tire selection is soo nice. I used the original 5000 lb axles and bulit a nice deckover 16' by 102" wide...nice for day trips! I did have to repalce the 2 steps version for the 3 steps on the RV...5'6'...short legs...LOL
  11. I'll be there with the finally finished V8Rail, and my second Bomb (DS650), no more room for other toys. My "friends" are backing out...first time in the sand with this car and I've got a big learning curve to get comfortable with it. Any one mind if I join camp?
  12. Yeah, was starting to wonder if I needed to put it on my "bucket list". It's had one trip to Sloan dry lake bed and did freakin awesome!! Got the paddles two weeks ago...now it's time for a shake down run in the dunes.
  13. Thanks for the compliment & offer...my job says otherwise.
  14. Going for it's 1st dune trip...only 8 years to finish...anyone going to Dumont the weekend of 12/8? I might need a pit/rescue crew!!
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