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  1. I live Northwest Las Vegas, Durango and 95 area. If that is too far I can always load in the back of the truck, I work off of Rainbow and Spring Mtn but am all over the city during the day.
  2. Do let your wife or kids go without this season. Twist throttle, runs great $1,850 Call or Text 702-540-5735
  3. Where is a good place to get a spray in bedliner?? Also a good place that will do exhaust's, I already have the muffler jsut need someone to install it for me.
  4. So we went to dumont this past weekend and my 9 year old son was riding his raptor 250 quad. He was messing around banshee hill I told him to takeo ff in second gear .... he ran it a few times and then one time he only make it up half way and lost power. he was able to turn it around and coast back down and he told me that his bike wont go. I jumped on it and it seems as though anytime you put a load on it, it doesnt have power. Is this the clutch? Also i think it is the clutch because when you pull in the clutch it is hard and there is a small "friction zone" when you take off. Can someone tell me what they think it could be.
  5. I had really goodluck with www.snailmotorsports.com He is off of CHeyenne and Simmons
  6. Looking for a 16' flatbed trailer with tandem axle.
  7. 2005 Yamaha raptor 50 youth quad, Big Gun Rev Box four stroke gas engine, fully automatic transmission, shaft drive, electric start, front and rear suspension, full running boards keep feet safe, parental tethered kill switch. My son has out grown this it is time to move him up. $1150 OBO Call Tim 540-5735
  8. I smashed the header pipe on my 2009 kx 450 and need a new one. If you have one and would liek to sell it please call or text me 702-540-5735 Tim
  9. Man ....... all those pictures and no wheelies? No stories about running from the cops?? Come on Cole even when Chuck would take a bike from the Harley Shop for the night, he would have a good story!
  10. Lets see 3 miles of road at minimum 24' wide that would be 380,160 Sqft and assume they pave it with 4" asphalt depth. That would be about +$4.80 a sqft. that is $1,824,768 to pave. that is just the cost of the asphalt. Then add the preparation of the base, mobilization fees, water fees, environmental fees, you are looking at $5 million of work! This is just off the top of my head, could be more could be less.
  11. What is everyones preference on a powerchip for a 2006 ford diesel. I will be buying one in the future and just started researching. I have friends with Bully Dog and Edge and they both swear by them.
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