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    06 GearBox 375FS
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    69 Corvette (see for sale section)
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    I'm a retired ACFT sheetmetal mech. in the USAF. I went back to work for the Air Force at AMARG, the famed boneyard. I am a hot rodder from way back. I've been a crew chief on 2 different 8 sec. drag racers, one car, one alcohol dragster.

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  1. Here's a few recent pics of mine, almost done in these pics. Old school beam, mid travel front. I made the hood, dash, inside door panels, wing, firewall, and the front bulkhead panel. I broke my back, and it's healed well. Takes a long time at my age to heal haha edit to add: I guess I don't know how to post pics on this new format.
  2. You should have a ground wire for the sensors, should be at the bottom of the tank. If you jumper from each one of the sensors to the ground, it should light up inside on the monitor panel. If it doesn't light up, you've got a wiring problem, since you said you swapped out the monitor panel. I just have to ask, did you hook up the wires on the back of the panel back to original positions? If you have a long enough jumper wire, you could check continuity of the wires from the tank to the panel. That can be a real pain tho. I wish I was closer, we would have this fixed in a couple hours. Attack it in a logical manner, no offense is intended by that either. Find where you have power, and where it stops. It's kinda like a pipe that is at a 45 degree angle, you know you have water at the top, but there is none at the bottom, find the leak, and you'll fix the problem... edit to add: Clean the sensors, not the wires. To clean the sensors there is a few different ways: a few bags of ice down the toilet and drive around for a while. You can also use a chemical inside the tank. so cleaning the wires was not really what I was suggesting. I think you've got a wire problem now. debtanker@msn.com is my email, and I get it on my phone too, so that's a quick way to get in touch
  3. I used to work on RV's for a living at Beaydary RV, here in Tucson. You can test the wires that go to each sensor position to see if it's the sensors, or the monitor panel. If it turns out to be the sensors, once they get to the point your talking about, they're done. You can buy new sensors for fairly cheap. Find where yours are, and how many. When you have the new ones, drill the proper sized hole about 3-4 inches to the left or right of the factory ones, and install them by the instructions. After they're all installed, transfer each wire, one at a time to avoid confusion, to the new ones.
  4. I just bought a Painless wiring kit for extreme duty, offroad. It has 10 circuits and 4 relays. I got K4 switches from a local hot rod shop.
  5. Not for sale. Taken off the market. Thanks, please remove this
  6. Here's mine when I went to look at it, and buy a few days later. It's taken apart now for some finishing touches that the previous owner didn't have time to do.
  7. Bump............I would really like to buy a 63-67 Corvette.
  8. No kidding? make an offer? it's taking up room in the garage that I need..........I'm still not gonna give it away, but tell me something. BBTank
  9. Don't forget that there is a piece of paper in this country that gives us the right to arm ourselves. That piece of paper makes no mention of any kind of CCW or paid training that is required, or any of the many other money schemes that local and state gubments burden us with. I'm retired USAF, and an expert marksman, I'm not paying some 20 something to "teach" me how to operate MY firearm. I try to be an informed citizen, as informed as I can be. We, the people of the United States have forgotten the core values that this country was built on. I would suggest that everybody reads the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights annually. You might be surprized, especially if you're a 20 something, or even some of the 30 somethings, these days. That kind of "learning" is not taught in schools these days. I hope that nobody takes offense to my post, it's how I feel as a very patriotic American. BBTank
  10. Can't beat a Webber 22.5" kettle grill
  11. I have had the X for just over a week, right now. I really like it. I would suggest that you D/L the App killer free app. It shuts down all the apps you want to. My battery lasts all day and until lunch the next day. I'm a light to light-moderate user. BBTank
  12. I have a pair of razorback tires on solid aluminum combo spindle wheels. New bearings, seals, cap, and retaining clamp nut. They have been in the sand ata Glamis twice for short runs. (previous owner broke the car both times). I'm in Tucson, and I have these advertised for $350 tires/wheels. If they are something you want let me know debtanker@msn.com I have an Expedition frame car as well. Looks good, you'll enjoy it
  13. Pending.....did it sell or not?? I'd buy a new tranny if somebody would buy my Harley-Davidson.
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