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Just Mike

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  1. until

    I am hoping to have a shakedown run or two on my car in time for this.
  2. Thanks Pete. I will give him a shout.
  3. I am looking to get my Tatum insured. I have been told by Geico that is worth too much and has too big of a motor for them to do it. Who knows where I can get a higher end Tail insured in Nevada? Thanks
  4. 80 Grit got some great shots of the Trick Car coming out of Comp
  5. Anyone heading out on Wednesday? I have not had my Rail out in about a year so i wanted to get there early and run it a bit.
  6. I am hoping there is cell service there this year. Just let me know how many are supposed to show up.
  7. I will be heading out there Wednesday night. Can't wait.
  8. I should be ready for this. I need to do a shake down on the buggy and get some stuff powder coated.
  9. We have had great success with these DW Performance tuners and I run an my new Turbo xp and love it. Here is some info and a link. you can also call me with any questions you may have. 702 657 5991 http://gtpoffroad.com/rzr-xp-turbo/582-xp-turbo-dw-performance-gauge-3-stage-tuner-.html Huge Performance Gains In Just A Tune; A Must Have First Mod For Your XP-Turbo. Gains From 10-25 Wheel Horse Power (This Shows Higher Gains Because Of The Removed Torque Limiters) 15-40 Hp Peak Horsepower Gains At The Crank Turns Your Fan On At 194 Degrees Instead 204. This Helps Keep The Running Temps Mu
  10. Yea sorry we could not help you but I hope you got it going again.
  11. We tried to get credit to all the people who we work with and products we run.
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