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  1. Still for sale I have lowered price to $2800 obo
  2. 2007 Polaris Predator 500 for sale. Well maintained, white fenders, FMF exhaust, shock covers. $3000.00 OBO. willing to trade for dual sport.
  3. So sad Prayers to the family. Pete, I think signs would be a good idea but how many people would actually stop and read them. Every time I bring new friends to Dumont I give them the run down of the razorbacks, witches eyes and the soft peaks. Then I will take them on a easy ride so they can see how the dunes are. I know this wouldn't work for a new group but just saying .
  4. Sandawg and Jakster884, If referring to my post about tires and how many threads have been posted. Sorry as you can se new to the posting on the site and with the tire shops saying different things about tires, I figured where else to ask but maybe here on DDR where people have experienced the tire issues. I think I am going to go with the Maxxis 8008 for now till I can afford to get 16 inch rims and tires. I wont be buying till next week so still open for suggestions. Thanks for the feedback
  5. Bigedmond, My 12 foot trailer is doing same and I check pressure every time and tires only have about 500 miles on them.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I have thought about going to 16s but don't have the $$$ to buy new wheels also. I have heard most of trailer tires are junk. The tires on my trailer now are load D which I think are to weak for the trailer but when I bought it (used) that's what it came with
  7. I am ready to by new tires for my 33' fifth wheel Attitude. I have been looking at Hercules and Transporter also Maxxis. I need 225/75/15 load range E. any thoughts
  8. Had a great weekend with family and friends. Great weather. Had quite a few trick or treaters come by our camp which was cool since we were at the end of one of the fingers. I missed the haunted house but the testifies our camp went and said it was great
  9. Bike has been well maintained. Has full Yoshimira exhaust, Quadworks jet kit, K&N air filter,Nerf Bars, Tusk front bumper. Asking $3000
  10. nice video. I miss day trips,i havent done one in a year
  11. Did not know him .Very sad. Prayers to family and friends
  12. Had good time. First trip on big weekend. Glad that the people in Saturdays crash will be ok.
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