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  1. Good idea @RUn2it - I always put some saliva on the suction cup mount before I attach but you know men never wanting to believe a woman is right I have the lanyard attachment for my surf mount that's a good idea for the suction cup as well thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Has anyone else gotten a big bore kit for their Teryx?? Just curious on what kind of kit you got, what kind of set up the Teryx is, and if the Teryx is a newer one (fuel injected) or not. Mine is not fuel injected and we have a lot of heat problems with the big bore. It's very fast for having seating for 4 but over heating sucks.
  3. Ivnalolife, I think I was up there with you in the morning. I was in the red sandcar with my dad and his friend who checked the cooler. I just can't figure out how he got turned the other way but didn't roll. But yes it was sad on Friday night to see that no one could get up to him. We only had a truck. I saw the person walk up the rest of the way from their rhino too, I wish there was something that could have saved him. Props to all of the duners who were helping that night. RIP Thomas Adams
  4. Got a little bit more information last night. His name was Tony. His friends said he had been coming to the dunes for 20 years but that he had bad vision. They didn't think he had been drinking when he crashed on Friday. It shows how even an experienced duner can get disoriented in the dark on comp. The link ^^^^ says he was 61 years old. very sad story:( Good news is I was at comp for majority of the evening last night and did not see any accidents. Not sure about the rest of the dunes. Hope everyone stayed safe.
  5. Last night (December 30th, 2011) we took our truck and Tyrex over to comp at about 10:45PM to hang out. At about 11:00pm we watched a Sandrail going between 40-50mph fly up comp looking like he had no motive to slow down at all. Unfortunately he did not slow down at all. He flew off the top of comp as we heard him gun the thing as he went in the air. We knew right away it was not good because I have seen this before, someone not see the top of the dune and do some serious damage to themselves by catching air. The razor back at the top of comp is extremely steep right now. People went up to find the guy who flew off the top last night, but shortly after a guy in another Sandrail came down and asked me to call the rangers and told me the guy was already dead. The rangers arrived in about 10 minutes but because he was already dead and it was very dark out there was not much they could do. They removed the body but left the Sandrail there. I did not go up after I called the rangers because I have seen fatalities here before and it is always a horrible thing. The next morning I went to see the rail, it was a 2 seater white rail with a large engine and a NOS button. I did not see a NOS tank in the car though. The rail was over the top of comp down in a small bowl, about 100 feet from the top of comp. The driver's seat was very mangled, bent all the way back and looked like it was about to go right through the bottom of the rail. The rear end of the rail was very damaged and one rear rim was extremely bent, I have never seen a rim bend that bad in the sand. The 100 foot drop was steep and I am guessing he landed straight on the back of his rail because he gunned it when he went off the top. My friend talked to the rangers this morning and he said the guy died on impact with spinal and neck injuries. There was no blood at the scene this morning. I'm not sure if alcohol was a factor but riding at night is dangerous without alcohol, especially at speeds that high. I am not sure of the age of the victim or name but I feel for his family and friends and very sad to see a fellow duner pass. I hope to not see any more injuries or fatalities this weekend, please think before you get behind the wheel of something if you have been drinking. It's never a good idea. Be safe everyone.
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