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    2011 RZR XP 900
    2008 KTM 450 SXF
    1990 LT 250
    1964 Original Myers Manx (Green)
    They are old toys, but they all get to the top of the hill!
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    San Dimas, CA
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    Dune ready!
  1. Watching this makes me wish I had cooler friends with more toys. Lol
  2. Thanks for posting all the good "fun". Its great to live vicariously through others.
  3. You gotta post some action pictures of that thing. It looks way cool!!
  4. You could always just win the ASA raffle and let us all know what it's like to own one! http://www.americansandassociation.org/pages.php?pageid=7
  5. I have never seen it rain this much in so cal. should I build a boat???

  6. Love the pics. Can't wait till next month when I can get some pics in.
  7. Wishing I was going to the dunes this turkey day? :[

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