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Dan Agnew

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  1. Still blowing hard enough that we decided to stay another night and not fight the wind with the 5er. Should be like glass in the morning
  2. Be careful driving through sandy areas in your car/truck/Rv, especially if it's not four wheel drive. I pulled an RV out last year from a soft spot that he thought he could drive across. If it's your first time on dunes, always crest the top of a dune at an angle, not straight on. You never know what is (or isn't) on the other side of the dune you're going over.
  3. Pretty calm, we always park a ways down from the main camping area and it's quiet. Like raspadoo said, it does get cold. Last year the heater ran enough at night to kill the batteries in the trailer.
  4. I hope you aren't counting down to Thanksgiving or you're going to be there a week early...
  5. My wife and I are planning on going out, but the rest of our group had to bail due to work. Any groups open to letting a couple park with them? We're pretty laid back and go to bed early. We're quad riders.
  6. Don't use your home owners for that amount of damage. Insurance companies black list you for claims, so if you don't have a MAJOR claim (as in thousands) don't make a claim (I learned this from a friend who learned the hard way). On day one at our house she got the blinds, on day two she broke out of a PetSmart cage but ended up locking herself in the garage after she figured out the lever type door knob, on day three we put her in the garage. Other than teeth marks on the door knob inside the garage, she did good. If you are right with her, she is good as gold, but when she is alone, she g
  7. The lost dog has a new home! We want to know what you name her and if you are going to have her at Dumont over New Years so we can come visit her! Michelle and I have both been talking all evening about how sad we were to see her go, but how happy we are that she is in a good family that will give her the love and attention that she desirves.
  8. You are right, she is a Malinois! I had never heard of the bread, but in looking at the pictures, she is definitely a Belgian Malinois.
  9. My son is talking it over with his wife, he may take her. If not, my wife has said in no uncertain terms that she doesn't want a dog, so she will be put up for adoption. Here is a picture of her being mellow (something she seems to be)
  10. Good idea on the scan. We will probably take her to the vets later in the week to get a wellness check if nobody claims her, so first thing we will have them do is check for a chip. If nobody claims her and she isn't chipped, my next post may be "Help name our Dumont dog!"
  11. No luck yet locating the owner. Still hoping that we hear something, but we left our number at the ranger's station and haven't got any calls so I'm starting to think someone just left her out there. I hope I'm wrong and the owner contacts me but I'm not holding out much hope. I know if I lost my dog, the first thing I would do is check with the rangers station and the other campers. I'm in Vegas, but will be heading to the Apple Valley area this weekend, so if this is your dog and you can't make it to Vegas, I can bring her to CA this weekend.
  12. We had a dog wander into our camp this morning. We checked with all the camps with anyone around and couldn't locate the owner. She is a sandy colored Shepard mix with no collar. She is safe at my house, but I would like to get her back to her home.
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