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Garfield YXZ

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  1. I'm going out Saturday night though Monday
  2. Friday after noon coming down back down comp hearing a funny noise from my bottom end of my bike, probably rod knock oh well packed up early going to tear it apart today or tomorrow. if it is a crank/connecting rod stroker crank is going in. ill have to change my name to hidcrf511 lol
  3. wow less than a week ill be in the dunes! Ill be out by bathroom 9 with a blue miller lite flag and a honda flag lol
  4. alright sounds good ill be there!
  5. going out Next weekend for halloween 27th 28th just seeing if you guys do any meets or anything
  6. I bought my bike in 2010 or 2009 I believe and i do not have a title but i do have a dmv bill of sale sold by private party. So sounds like im going to have to apply for a title :/ sounds like this is going to be a pain in the a$$ too! can i just buy a cali sticker from carter until july 2013? ( i live in las vegas )
  7. haha Yeah ive had to pull some of my friends out camping over there but its awesome because your soo close to the dunes lol I will be out there in a white chevy truck with a honda flag lol
  8. if you look at the grid over by a-1 a-2 thats where i normaly camp
  9. I have a chevy k2500 long bed i might consider the truck tent and saturday the 28th at 2:00?
  10. well I took a tent to dumont once, Key word once lol and the wind blew it all over the place But I didnt have a good anchor I usually sleep in the cab of my truck but after a few nights that gets pretty uncomfortable So i was thinking about going back to a tent this time tying it down with cinder blocks or do you guys think that the killer dumont wind will be 2-0 vs my tent theory lol thanks - matt
  11. alright thanks I think im going to try one out! man halloween cannot come soon enough lol
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