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  1. To me, Tom pro makes the nots solid car. He is still in business too. Nice cars lots of options. Reverse. Reliable. Geometry is right.
  2. Car will be in Gordon's well this week
  3. Need to sell this to get the v8 rolling.
  4. Here are the 2 she sent me a while back.
  5. Vw country coil over beam car. Shortstar v6 Completely built 091 trans. 930 cv's 3X3 rear arms 2" wider and longer Vw country front arms chromoly (link pin) w/ 300m pins King coilovers that are dialed Saco heavy duty rack Race craft seats Redline computer and headers 2" diameter chromoly wider beam Tins done by Mac fab 6 hella 4000 lights Chassis is 100% DOM tubing 1300 padla traks that have tears Razors on front 4 piston cnc brakes and pedals Billet center Douglas wheels 2 yellow top optima batteries It is not painted and has kids seats installed. I have the other 2 full size seats that match the other 2. I will put them back in for the sale. I am willing to disassemble to powder coat and reassemble for some extra cash to the colors of your choosing. 10,000.00 obo 661-two zero one-2246, Scott
  6. joblo

    V8rail guys

    Thanks! It was great to meet him on Saturday. He took the time to talk to me about the car and I really appreciate it. He said he was going to send me some of the pictures he has on his phone. I did not have service until I got back towards Baker. I don't know if he was able to send them or not.
  7. Had an awesome trip. Fast dune runs! I got to hook up with Danny and sandblower and talk about my project v8rail. I really enjoyed this trip and am super excited to get moving on the car.
  8. joblo

    V8rail guys

    I am going to try. I will hopefully leave tommorow afternoon then come back Saturday maybe Sunday. Short trip.
  9. joblo

    V8rail guys

    I am guessing the questions are to me about my frame. As far as I know this car was never even completed. Although it was partially assembled at some point. It has been in storage or someone's garage for a while. The guy I bought it from is a stand up guy. As far as I can tell. I was never mislead in any way. Sorry to hear about your friends rail. I saw that one in Tulare at a rail show and sand drags. It was a 10 in my book then when it was brand new.
  10. joblo

    V8rail guys

    Is Susan's car advertised somewhere? I may have some interest in it.
  11. joblo

    V8rail guys

    Thanks for the info. Any idea if they will be out for presidents?
  12. joblo

    V8rail guys

    I saw a few pictures that someone recently finished a two seater and had it out some time around New Years.
  13. joblo

    V8rail guys

    Here is what my project looks like. I have some more parts that are not shown. I need to make time to get them on.
  14. joblo

    V8rail guys

    I bought a frame from fastedaddy from glamisdunes.com that bought it from sandblower that originally started the project. I think it is like the second to last chassis they built before building the two newer style cars. I am still in the process of building it and trying to figure out what parts and pieces I need to finish it. I was able to go get some pictures and measurements from the camera car two seater that they built. That car was only an hour and a half away so it was easy to meet up with him. Bad thing is, is that he has since moved to Alabama. I forgot to measure the steering arms in my rush to try and get the measurements I needed on his car. I think our group is planning on heading out to Dumont for Presidents' Day and hoping to be able to meet up with anyone who has a car to get the measurements and try to pick up on a few what would you do if you we're to do it over pointers. I have been in contact with hi turtle from glamisdunes and he has been a great help in giving me his opinion on what to do or not do as well as pictures of specific parts of the car. Sandblower is willing to help to but he has the newer style car so things are not the same. I have sent pm's to the guys who I know have these cars like flyan Ryan but it looks like its been more than a year since they have logged into any of the forums.
  15. Are there any v8rail owners on the board? If there is are any of you heading out to the dunes? I would like to try and meet up if possible. I purchased a frame that is 95% done and would like to be able to look at and measure a few things on the cars. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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