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  1. <------- This is what that road currently feels like hahah
  2. Took a day trip to get in a quick sand fix. Came out Friday 9/27 leaving early to get some breakfast in Baker before heading out for some sand therapy. Got to the entrance road around 9 and let me tell you the summer has not been kind to that road at all. After all the change and everything that was in the cup holders rattled out all over everywhere, we made it in and started unloading. The temp was awesome at 9 and started getting warmer. It wasn't until the 2pm mark where things started getting pretty warm. There was a ton of growth all through the dunes, around on the flats and anywhere water could settle enough to grown plants. Those summer dunes were soft in places and there were ledges, drop offs, and witch eyes everywhere!!! Just about impossible to get a real flow and find any good lines. But being in the sand was worth all of it!!
  3. Just went out on Friday, let me tell you that road is BEAT!!!!
  4. Ive used G1products 844-444-1776. They have come up with some good stuff
  5. Thanks for all you do to keep the site alive!!! Donation added.
  6. What is it about this place that always has us coming back? As a younger kid we would start our trips Wednesday night and have the entire place to ourselves until Thursday evening or even Friday morning. I still love the fact that on an off weekend we can go out and only have about 5-6 camps sharing the entire place. The terrain variance from almost flat desert to huge sand faces is memorizing! I love the way the wind has built the transitions to be so smooth from turn to turn, it is something that I have not been able to duplicate anywhere else. The amazing freedom you feel when you go out on that early morning ride on a motorcycle, being able to turn where you want, and go any direction with no trail holding you back. There is something about this place that is always different but always the same.
  7. Top secret test session????
  8. Thank you for keeping it alive Pete!!!
  9. I have been prepping for a small back packing trip up to Little Lakes Valley in the Sierra's. Finally getting my gear out for some repairs and getting used to walking with a backpack again. Sitting in an office chair all day is rough ya know... But getting up into the mountains and doing some fishing and relaxing should do the trick!
  10. We were out there this weekend, we never made it over to the pole but that sucks. My kids love to see the tiki man
  11. how late you gonna be out there on friday? i got a thing i gotta go to on thurs pm in la proper. but could rally out there in the am on fri and we could shoot 2-6pm ish? if you are game?  you out solo or you got a few guys?  im rolling out with a buddy to help. let me know if you wanna connect via phone too, 7189165510

    1. DirtBikeGuy




      Soooo Sorry I missed your message, my service out there was crap. Wish I could have made something work. 

  12. I am headed out Wednesday to Friday night...
  13. Everyone's perfect day... Well at least mine
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