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  1. DirtBikeGuy

    February Dune Pic of the Month

    Everyone's perfect day... Well at least mine
  2. DirtBikeGuy

    Who's going out for MLK weekend?

    We were out last weekend and I would give the road a 6 out of 10 there is some pretty rough spots here and there
  3. DirtBikeGuy

    January Dune Pic of the Month

    A little sunset shot out from noth pole area
  4. DirtBikeGuy

    2nd Fatality Thanksgiving Week

    RIP fellow duner... Sorry for your loss.
  5. DirtBikeGuy

    Dumont entrance road updates

    Only hauling ass at 25 MPH of course....
  6. DirtBikeGuy

    14 Ply Steel Trailer Tires

    We had tire problems just about every trip, since we switch to the 16" wheel and LT tires we usually go 2 seasons minimum with no issues at all. That also includes a trip from So-cal to Moab and up to Manti Utah with no tire issues.
  7. DirtBikeGuy

    PBS documentary - riders needed

    I sent an email but have not heard back... I dont think I will be making the drive without any info or confirmation...
  8. DirtBikeGuy

    Hayabusa engine in teryx

    I was talking to a Scott at headup performance (the Busa guy) and he told me his customer has about 20K into the conversion plus the cost of the car... And that was a basically stock motor. I am with @raspadoo on this one (not that I am biased to sell my car) The BFD car I have will have 100 times better suspension and stability and be faster than the teryx conversion. But thats just my opinion.
  9. DirtBikeGuy

    Sand Sports Super Show 2018

    We will be there Saturday morning
  10. DirtBikeGuy

    August Dune Pic of the Month

    Because everyone is looking forward to the cool winter weather by this point of the summer.
  11. DirtBikeGuy

    2006 Suspensions Unlimited

    Here ya go.... This might help a little
  12. DirtBikeGuy


    We recently went out and did some back packing in the Sierra's this is Little Lakes Valley about 20 miles north of Bishop. It was really nice to get out and recharge the batteries
  13. DirtBikeGuy

    HCR build

    That HRC kit makes those cars look dang good!!