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  1. Here's a pic of my two boys having fun.
  2. On our way home right now after our worst trip to Dumont. A bad trip to Dumont is still way better than work. First problem is my sons cr125 broke the first 20 minites we were there. It has no top end power and had a acrid smoke coming from tailpipe after turning off. Then the wind blew like crazy Mon-Thurs making riding not so good. Saturday, my other sons yz250 stopped running at little dune. I think there's a hole in the piston because there's zero compression. Fortunately my dad brought his extra quad so we all still had something to ride.
  3. I would give it an A. 25 mph was no problem this morning.
  4. We're arriving 12/22 and staying until the following Monday.
  5. When is everyone coming for the holidays? Anyone know when vendors will set up?
  6. It is very easy to get lost at night. I use the free GPS Status and Toolbox app on my phone to mark camp. This is a very simple app that does not require cell signal to work. It will show you direction and distance to camp. It turns off the GPS when the app is closed but remembers your camp after you turn it back on. This feature saves battery. This app is useful in large parking lots as well. I'm sure iOS has something similar.
  7. As I was packing up to head down on Xmas morning, I get a phone call from my dad who was already at Dumont saying someone attempted to steal his quad last night and to bring him gloves and a flag. He was parked near the edge overlooking the wash near toilet 12. About 4:00AM he heard something and looked outside and saw that his unlocked quad was missing and saw a pickup driving out the wash towards the entrance. By the time he could get his buddy awake in his hauler and get in the truck, the thieves were gone. The good news is that the thieves must've been sufficiently spooked to drive fast enough that my dads quad fell off the trailer undamaged. I thought this was strange as we always lockup all OHV's and gas before bed. While my dad and his buddy were driving around near the wash gathering his gear and quad they saw a dude on a quad. They stopped to talk to the guy and the guy said his KTM was just stolen. His answers and demeanor were a bit off so my dad thinks he may have been a lookout.
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