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  1. Big_Gunz_

    Horrible news. We lost a very good person

    RIP Bert, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  2. Big_Gunz_


    A guy in our camp made these for us. They are LED street lamps that he bought off eBay. He built the boxes and we put them on top of RV's at night. These lights are very bright and can be seen from a long distance away. We have several of these on top of our RV's and you can point them in different directions. Its easy to find camp at night, just look for the 2 or 4 street lamps on top of RV's. Check out this thread that shows how he made them. DSD Camp Lights
  3. Big_Gunz_

    Found Helmet

    I found a helmet Sunday afternoon on top the first finger near the camping area. If you look at the DDR grid map, I found it in grid C-8. It looks to be a kids helmet, maybe a female, so if you know someone missing a helmet, PM me a description of the helmet and goggles and a way to get in touch with the owner. Please pass this on because I'm sure someone out there is upset over the loss of their helmet.
  4. Big_Gunz_

    Diqcheese goes to smog his diesel

    Like Cheese stated, some are okay, some are not. I'm not going to take the chance and just put it back to stock for a while. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to reprogram the computer after it gets inspected.
  5. Big_Gunz_

    Diqcheese goes to smog his diesel

    That's my plan too, set it back to stock a few weeks before I have to take it in.
  6. Big_Gunz_

    Diqcheese goes to smog his diesel

    FYI on this. A friend of mine took his truck in right after he set his tuner back to stock. The tech turned him away saying there wasn't enough data saved in the computer for him to pass smog. He had to drive it around for a fews days and re-do the smog test. Not sure if this is happening all over the place but it can happen.
  7. Big_Gunz_

    Rule and Regulations

    No lighted flag need to ride at night, just a flag will do.
  8. Big_Gunz_

    Presidents Weekend

    We'll be there, doing a 12 day stay in Dumont starting on the 11th and staying to the 22nd.
  9. Big_Gunz_

    Thanksgiving weekend 09

    We'll be there. We missed Halloween and we're missing the Poker Run so we're making T-day a nice long trip. We'll be there Monday morning and staying to the following Tuesday.
  10. Big_Gunz_

    Any one rolling to the D Oct 16th weekend?

    I'll be out there for my first trip of the year. Leaving in the morning and staying to Monday. I'll be out there with 6-7 others in my group.
  11. Big_Gunz_

    Spring Break - Week of March 23, 2009

    LOL, I'll add a few more beers in my cooler so slow me down some too.
  12. Big_Gunz_

    Spring Break - Week of March 23, 2009

    I'll be out there on Thursday with a group of 4-5 rigs. We'll also be heading out Easter weekend. Sean, South Pole on Saturday sounds good, see you there.
  13. Big_Gunz_

    Just pick up another Rappie

    Congrats Mike!!
  14. Big_Gunz_

    saw this on the freeway

    Maybe he was the decoy? Tape a beer on the sober guy's bumper and have him drive around so the cops will pull him over. Once he's out of the area, his really drunk friends drive home in the opposite direction.
  15. Big_Gunz_

    Friday night Inferno

    He said he had full coverage, but someone out there told him to have it towed to the road and report the fire there because insurance won't cover the loss because it was off-road. Does anybody know if this is a fact? I'm going to check with my insurance company to find out it it true, don't want to find out the hard way that I'm not covered if I'm in Dumont and something happens.