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    Tess Roussin
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    Yamaha Raptor 700
    Polaris RZR1000 with upgraded cage, long travel, upgraded seats and harnesses, light bad, glow whips, &more
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  1. A fellow duner found my GoPro and contacted me! Another reason why I love Dumont - the community is awesome and it's great that so many of us are always looking out for each other
  2. Thanks White Rhino! Have a great time out there - hope you guys get some wind&grooming
  3. Lost a GoPro today 12/28/15 at around 11:00AM somewhere on the back way to Comp. If seen or found please contact me at (818) 512-1555 !!! Had some awesome footage on there and really want to get it back
  4. Out here since yesterday. Our group has really diminished over the years... So I need new people to ride with. If you see a girl in hot pink riding pants on a black&orange raptor or driving a green&black RZR say hi and let's ride!
  5. If you read my post I did write that it was our mistake for not having the bike's registration. It was not my brother's fault...the bike technically belongs to my dad (but I ride it) since we are lucky enough to be able to be supported by our dad while we are in school. We are 22 year old twins.. He had no way of knowing that the bike did not have registration on it.... My brother did tell the officers this but I am guessing they have heard many laundry lists of excuses and I understand that they were skeptical but holy moly they could have given him the ticket and sent him on his way not st
  6. So we just headed home a couple hours ago and on our way out we had some trouble from the BLM. We arrived early Thursday morning and there were no rangers when we arrived. On our way out my brother stopped to buy a pass and the BLM began circling his truck and trailer... He has a Chevy and is towing our quad and Teryx on a flat bed. They began questioning him on registration for the quad and Teryx... Honestly our mistake for not having our registration tags on the quad so they wrote us a ticket but then the BLM took it to far... They spent 5 minutes examining the hundred dollar bill that my br
  7. Suspensions unlimited 500HP LS2 V8 with long travel
  8. We are looking for a new shop for our suspensions unlimited rail. Does anyone have any great shops in Simi Valley, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, or Moorpark? Willing to go out to Ventura if I have to. Thanks
  9. I've only been to the North Pole. Where is the South Pole?
  10. Some duners don't have the luxury of having a big rig to leave their pup in while they ride! Even if you do, if you aren't running your air conditioning and keeping your dog cool it can be dangerous to your pup. I love dogs so much and have a lot of experience with them. If you happen to be in the dunes when I'm there and you need someone to check up on your dog, hang out with your dog while you go out and ride, anything...I am here to help! While being in Dumont is always so exciting for a dog, they still need regular and intense exercise. I would love to take your dog on a little jog around
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