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Found 13 results

  1. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 2006 Forest River Sandpiper Sport F37 5th Wheel Toyhauler for Sale, many upgrades: $18,999 OBO. Private party sale, so, as locals know, no Nevada sales tax to the buyer when titling and registering in state. Cash sale with in person transaction at a local bank. Located in Pahrump, NV 89060. You pickup with your truck, TBC and hitch. Delivery may be able to be arranged for cost. More pics here: (you may need to copy/paste) https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/fifthwheeltoyhauler Quick Facts: VIN 4x4FSAN296C018325 Free and Clear Nevada Title Cargo Carrying Capacity: 4,087 lbs (more than many new toyhaulers) Front axle GAWR: 7,000 lbs Rear axle GAWR: 7,000 lbs GVWR: 16,000 lbs Major features include: - dual hydraulic (not electric) slide outs, living room and bedroom - 11’ deep garage, fully walled and self contained - 16K GVWR - 11,900 lbs empty - 7K axles - MORryde Rubber cushion Pin Box Kingpin - MORryde CRE2-35 CRE3000 Suspension - MORryde UO12-016 Heavy Duty Shackles - 17.5" high capacity Aluminum Wheels - 17.5" “H” rated 125 PSI tires (goodbye blowouts) - Kodiak Disk Brakes (stopping power and increased safety factor will amaze you, not to mention ease of maintenance) - Titan disc brake actuator - whole house solar system installed and integrated by AM Solar in Oregon - 600W Solar on roof via 6x 100 watt panels with tilt capable mounts - 300 amp hour 6v AGM battery bank, never been below 80% SOC (State of Charge) - 2000 watt whole house Magnum inverter with sub panel - 5000 Watt Onan Generator with about 600 hours, with new fuel pump, new carb and fuel filters - 28 gallon fuel station - 106 gallons of fresh water in dual connecting tanks plus 10 in hot water tank - Garage dialed in for max storage, no beds - Leak free walk on roof - Rig is setup for serious off grid use and boondocking - No Smoking, no pets, no dander, no odors - vinyl graphics removed for a clean look, Dec 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_jaf5HCE_I CCC (cargo carry capacity) of 4,087 lbs. That figure is net AFTER counting full allotment of 106 gallons of fresh water and 14 gallons of propane The Details: We have owned this toyahuler since November 2009 and used it as full time RV’ers until we stopped traveling in the summer of 2018. We lived in this rig while we built our home in Pahrump and it has been unoccupied on our private RV pad ever since. We sold the F450 hauler we used and it’s time for this rig to have a new owner. It served us well and is likely better built than many new RV’s. Yes, it was lived in full time but it was never out of our sight, it was significantly upgraded and all maintenance has been promptly attended to. It is not cosmetically perfect but pretty darn good for it’s age and the bones are good. It has plenty of life and good times to offer. All pictures here were taken within the last 10 days and accurately depict the current condition of the rig. This is not one of those lame ads that call out “Too much to list”, like we are getting charged by the word. We are detailed oriented. Note separate entry doors for garage and main entrance. Doors keyed alike. 19’ Carefree manual awning. Outdoor speakers replaced with marine grade quality flush mount drivers. 10 gallon Suburban DSI electric/propane hot water heater. Suburban propane furnace. Awning roller has center support. Important doors like pass thru re-keyed to get rid of the dreaded CH-751 key that 90% of the RV world uses. Roof still in good shape and leak free. Full walk on roof. All 3 ceiling fans with new covers. Vortex plumbing vents, Bathroom skylight, Roll up TV antenna, Dometic 15,000 BTU A/C unit, recently cleaned out. Note manual tilt bars for solar panels for winter use and max output. In garage, note Closetmaid shelving with SuperSlide rod, covered ceiling fan, upper hanging rods, chemical racks, E Track on both sides and 8 floor tie downs bolted to steel chassis. And tons of storage. There is a roll down fabric screen door at the ramp. Ventilation minus bugs/dust when parked and ramp is down. About 600 genny hours. Dual 30 lb propane tanks with manual switch over. Note ramp has non slip textured surface and loading lights. We had no issues loading and unloading toys and even a side car motorcycle. Note in pass-thru: AGM battery bank, sub panel and Magnum inverter. Spare tire drop wrench and manual slide out wrench are also shown. Axles Brakes Wheels: Lots of things to note here and all contribute to adding dynamic capacity and trouble free rolling. 17.5” wheels add strength. 17.5” “H” rated commercial duty rubber with 125 PSI capacity rolls coolly and blowout free. OEM electric drum brakes replaced with hydraulic disc brakes and brake actuator fall 2016. Note easy lube hubs, Suspension, Leaf-springs, Shackles, U-Bolts and Bushings all replaced with upgraded components fall 2017. Tires always covered when parked. Custom fit tire covers included. Your truck’s trailer brake controller (TBC) needs to be Electric over Hydraulic compatible (Ie, switch settings from electric to hydraulic) Most OEM TBC’s in late model Fords are compatible. If you don’t have one, a good model can be bought on Amazon pretty inexpensively. This is what we used with our old truck: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000P17NXQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Interior: Note all LED lighting, Dometic 2-way RV fridge/freezer, Delta kitchen faucet, tons of storage, main ceiling fan, covered reversible ceiling fans in bath and bedroom, articulating wall mount ready for your TV, 5.1 surround sound with remote, laptop shelf, inverter remote control, solar controller in media area. Flush mount speakers and sub woofer in living room. Speaker zone A: Living room, Speaker zone B: bedroom, Speaker zone 😄 outside passenger side. Stereo head unit upgraded to newer model and wiring cleaned up/labeled. 2 inputs available in addition to DVD and radio. We used an iPod and laptop, old school I know. Bath has Oxygenics Shower head, tub is fully eternabond tape sealed and other custom touches can be seen throughout. Cabinets, under sink area and area above cabinets offer tons of storage. Normal sized queen bed, 60”x80”, offers under-bed storage with the lift up bed platform. No weird RV bed size here. Sliding mirrored closet doors offer access to plenty of closet space in addition to plenty of shelves and drawers in bedroom. Clear NV title, 2 full sets of keys, plus spares, manuals and receipts. I will also throw in a USB thumb drive of all my electronic records and documentation. I know every inch of this rig. I also have spare lug nuts for the 17.5” wheels. Why buy new? The Good: Pretty much everything above The Bad: 1. Fuel station pump likely seized, not working. I have a write up that describes a fix but that will be up to the buyer. Fix it procedure will be on the thumb drive as it is no longer online. It involves swapping out the nylon gears in the front of the motor case. Apparently, the OEM gears had a tendency to swell causing the motor to stop turning. 2. Dinette booth tilt out window no longer tilts out for ventilation, but other wise fully closes and seals. There are plenty other screened ventilation options. Sasha (775) Five One Three - 56 Five Five
  2. Here we are, about a month to go. It was a long, hot summer. The dunes never took a break, the "W" did it's job transforming the sand into new shapes, just for us! Oil has been changed, belts checked, fittings greased. Are you ready?
  3. Hey Everyone! Jeff Bruner finished his video for the 2018 Dumont Dunes Halloween. We hope you all had as much fun as we did out there. Enjoy! Dumont Dunes Halloween 2018
  4. I have up for sale my 2005 Sandbullet Sand Rail / Buggy. I hate to get rid of it, but we moved to Seattle from Phoenix and finally decided that we just don't have space for it up here. I have a very good friend who has been patient with me about storing it at his house for the last couple years, but I hate to see it not getting used. It is time to let it go! My Sand Bullet has: 1300cc Hayabusa 22 in travel fox shocks hid lights itg filter crow belts Ron Davis radiator cnc brakes and clutch pedal Removable Dino steering wheel Sandsquirt paddles razorback front tires call or E-mail Frank with questions or to look at it. Contact fweisman@gmail.com 480 603-7878
  5. I was wondering what are the funnest jumps in Dumont for a dirt bike and what is the general area from comp hill
  6. Need a break from the sand? There are amazing places to see in the general area, easy to access also. Here's a sample of my trip from May 12-13th (mostly in Sepia tone, because....why not) Some mine near Sheep Creek Springs, west of hwy 127 Very intact talc loading ramp Same area geo wonders Saratoga Springs area, west of hwy 127 Cool ramps/slides for talc mines, near Ibex Springs Yet another mine waiting to explore, if you dare One of my favorite shots of the trip Ibex Springs, thirty? Selfie within a selfie, double selfie! Ashford Mill ruins, Death Valley BIG mine, closed off, Death Valley warm springs camp Death Valley warm springs camp, great area for taking photos, all building are intact and in great shape Kinda lonely out here... Death Valley warm springs camp, trail to the warm spring source. The green in the shot is a giant fig tree, birch and grapevines Rusty machine Had the feeling I was being watched, then I saw these fellas. 5 or maybe 6 Bighorns, waiting on the ridge Tecopa Hot Springs, if you've not been you're missing out on some great therapy See you in the Fall DD!! What an awesome season!!
  7. Hayabusa Sand Car/Prerunner. $9,999 This car was built to run desert, it has been to mexico several times and has performed perfectly. It also is light, 185HP to 1000 lbs so the power to weight is awesome so it dunes very well. Here is a list of the goods. -Stock Hayabusa 1300cc motor -Fully Built VW trans axle with Weddle Gears (24 potential Gears) -Fox 2.0 dual spring coilovers -Boxed Trailing arms and reinforced A Arms. (Heims on the entire front end) -Wilwood disc brakes (4 corners)with inline parking brake -Fully adjustable peddles (i am 6'3 205lbs and i fit quite well) -5 point harness with suspension seats -4 L.E.D off road ligts 6,000 lumes each (very bright) -Rugged Radio, Intercome, Radio, 2 headsets. -Brand New Clutch only 500 miles -Brand new GMZ Sand Stripper Tires -Brand new ITP Mudd lite xxl Trmmed for Mohawk fronts -ITP Rims -Full Skid plate front to back -Huge duel core Radiator (can run desert middle of summer stays cool) I am probably missing some stuff, This is a drivers car you really need to knowwhat your doing. It is very very fast, and im not just saying that. I have spent plenty of time in big LS1 sand cars and this one will keep up no problems. Very nimble in the dunes. It will be at Dumont for thanksgiving. This will be our last trip out before we say goodbye to this little car. We are mainly takeing it out there for people to look at it. But feel free to come take a look. I promise you will not find a duel purpose car like this anywhere for this price. It runs the desert just as good as it runs the dunes. For further information please call me at Aaron 702525 four five two one located in las vegas.
  8. We have an Ultra Low Budget Production shooting in Dumont Dunes. We need help tomorrow, Wednesday 11/13 from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm to help transport cast, crew and equipment through the Dunes. There is compensation. Please contact Frank Zanca at frank@staytunedtv.net - 800-681-5988
  9. We have an Ultra Low Budget Production shooting in Dumont Dunes. We need help tomorrow, Wednesday 11/13 from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm to help transport cast, crew and equipment through the Dunes. There is compensation. Please contact Frank Zanca at frank@staytunedtv.net - 800-681-5988
  10. Some duners don't have the luxury of having a big rig to leave their pup in while they ride! Even if you do, if you aren't running your air conditioning and keeping your dog cool it can be dangerous to your pup. I love dogs so much and have a lot of experience with them. If you happen to be in the dunes when I'm there and you need someone to check up on your dog, hang out with your dog while you go out and ride, anything...I am here to help! While being in Dumont is always so exciting for a dog, they still need regular and intense exercise. I would love to take your dog on a little jog around the dunes, they always love it. Also, it is always a big problem around holiday weekends when there are a lot of fireworks....dogs can get scared and run away I have had my dog run away before...luckily some nice duners returned him. Sometimes cell service isn't great out there but ALWAYS have your phone number on your dog's tag! And always have them microchipped! My cell is (818) 512-1555 and my phone works in the dunes. I will post the next time I'm out there and feel free to reach out to me
  11. 2009 BFD PRO sandcar with BDS Blower. The motor in this car has just been gone through from top to bottom and has 0 trips on it. Only started and tested, all work professionaly done by Metric Motors in SLC UT. Mendeola S4D. This is a bad boy, if you want to get noticed this is the car!! BDS Blower fully polished and lots of billet and chrome to accent the burnt orange with a strong clean look. All the goodies inside and out. I am asking 85K but I am open to ALL offers!! I might also be open to trades depending on what you have. I also have another BFD car for sale, I might make a sweet package deal. If you have any questions or would like to throw any offer out there to me please let me know Thanks for looking!! Scotty 801-362-9977 rebelstyleracing@hotmail.com
  12. This is one beautiful sand car. It has the best of everything. It is an LS motor with a Whipple super charger. They could not keep it strapped on the dyno at the local shop but it is a 850 - 1100hp rear tire sand car. Mendeola S4D trans. The entire car only has 4 trips on it. It is perfect in every way. Mendeola S4D trans. All the goodies inside and out. I need to focus on other things right now. I am asking 85K but am open to ALL!!! offers give me a call and throw something out there. I am also willing to deliver if the price is right and everything is in order. I might also be interested in trades or partial trades depending on what it is? If you have any questions at all on this beautiful car please let me know!! I also have another BFD car for sale if interested in a package deal Thanks for looking!! Scotty 801-362-9977 rebelstyleracing@hotmail.com
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