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Joseph Dukart

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    Joseph Dukart
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    Quad- 2008 Fuel Injected Yamaha Raptor 700
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    Student. Part time worker at Inspirenetics.
  1. Yeah everyone goes out during the actual thanksgiving weekend. That's when we'll be out there!
  2. Joseph Dukart

    Riding my 700 in Pismo

    Just enjoying myself in the dunes.
  3. Most of my friends that I ride with are all in sand rails or razors, and I have a couple friends on quads but they are still young and learning how to ride their big quads, don't get me wrong it's still fun, but I've been looking for people who ride raptor 700s or 450s that are willing to go for rides in the dunes. I'm usually alone.
  4. I wear helmet, goggles, jersey and riding pants, chest protector, gloves, and full riding boots. I've only had 1 hard crash and nothing happened. Thank God.
  5. I'd say to sell it, and get yourself an '08 those are fuel injected, trust me when I say it's worth it.
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