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  1. Copy that, EZ-ups, Wood (both hard and soft), flat iron grill, folding tables.... any flip cup?
  2. This will be our first trip to the dunes of dumont, are we allowed to bring alcohol?
  3. I have a j35a4 with a t3/t4 turbo with a 5.4lb spring in the wastegate. Running on pump gas. I hear that you can run up to 9lbs but that is about it with out rods and pistons.
  4. I am still getting used to the new format so you will have to excuse this dumb question, but I seem to have misplaced my classified section..... it tells me that I don't have access.
  5. Here is mine!! note* it is for sale in classifieds..... free plug for me
  6. Halloween is fast approaching, do ya think you might have it out there for all to drool? It looks awesome!!
  7. Wow, just f'n wow..... Looks awesome!!!
  8. Thursday thru Monday for us...... Like a hobo on a hotdog!!!
  9. That bulkhead is bad azz!!! Look forward to more updates. On a side note, maybe you could have your wife convince mine to do the same. Ha!
  10. The McFlurry group is planning a trip out from the 30th(ish) and returning on the 3rd. What better way to ring in the new year. We just got back from the buggy round-up and we are gear to get back out there.
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