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  1. Ahhh yeahhh, Can't wait to go back! But for now it's the twisty rocky trails of Big Bear and a nice Kennedy Meadows trip coming up in July
  2. Howdy! These videos are from last November when we last had the crew out to DD. I'm testing out my buddies new to him 2020 Honda CRF450L, following Mike on his 2000-something CR250. When follow-filming, I try to get right up in there, breathing that sweet 2 stroke aroma while keeping the frame tight, of course GoPro makes it still look a mile away even though I was probably 2-3 off his rear tire. As always, can't wait to get back in the sand next season, but until then we always have the Big Bear/San Berdo Mountains to play at!
  3. It's a good thing, dust and washboard roads are avoidable. I doubt the quality of the road keeps people away. The advertising of the new road should peak interest in duners tho. We'll see what the change brings....
  4. Ain’t that the truth!! Alternated between the helmet set up and headset/phones, Really helps because dammit my car is so loud! Thank you, I am really liking it, glad I’ve got the belt sensor or I’m sure I would’ve toasted one out there just going crazy and having fun like I usually do on my 4 stroke. Even caught a little bit of air and definitely made some of my riders scared Will be coming back hopefully in a month or so with paddle tires!Will be coming back hopefully in a month or so with paddle tires!
  5. Man did I miss Dumont! It’s been a year since the last trip, and this one was one for the record books! Very warm, highs in the mid 80s and never got cool enough in the evenings to have to put on long pants. Bonus! No wind! I had a solid 12 person group and ate like kings, partied too late but didn’t let that stop us from getting up at 7:30 every morning. I’ve been a lifelong dirtbike rider and have only experienced the dens on two wheels…..until NOW….picked up a ‘19 XRC 2 months ago & this was its first time in the dunes. Decided not to commit to paddles yet, wanted to see how it did in four-wheel-drive with tensors. Needless to say I would love to go to paddles but the car performed very well and I managed not to do anything too stupid but definitely had a few pucker moments, I think my buddies had to go change the shorts lol We had five dirt bikes including a recently fixed up CR 500 that I got to ride a few times and had a blast! The dunes weren’t too busy, finally made it by a vendor row to check out all the goodies and picked up a few new flags. Seemed like a lack of sand cars and buggies there from what I remember in previous years. Really cool to see the teeter totter over at veterans hill, but that Buoy that cemented in the middle of the flats could probably use more reflectors as it isn’t necessarily in a predictable spot like the north and south poles. We always camp at the little dunes because we like to go into death Valley or go over to explore some of the funky old cabins to the west. Warning there’s a nasty rutted out super soft spot and people were getting stuck but usually not for long. Scored some free wood but of course left plenty of free wood afterwards when we left yesterday. Can’t wait to go back! Here’s some pictures
  6. Glad you had a buddy with an extra part! I believe we saw you and another fellow dinner doing some cleanup’s over by South Pole Saturday. I remember seeing that awesome X.3 with the windshield and purple accents. Thanks for doing the cleanups. I used to do the same thing for hours at a time using a dirtbike, those flat areas sure collect the trash!
  7. Love it! Darn it we were there on the 11th and didn’t realize this was happening until later. Thank you so much for organizing it
  8. Hey there! We won’t be there for Halloween, but got a trip planned for mid November. I’ll be bringing a new to me SXS (Canned Yam XRC) to the Dunes for the first time. Coming off of a life on two wheels, it’s going to feel a little weird. Debating running paddles or not. If you’ve never been to Dumont, it makes sense to have a dirt set up if you want to explore up Sperry wash, and the flat ground tents to be quite rocky which can eat up paddles. You’ll have a blast on Halloween, just keep your head on a swivel and watch out for those surprise drop off’s in witches 👁 👁
  9. 08 Silverado ltz 2500hd 18 Attitude 23sa (Pic from Tecopa HAS in Dec) I got to say it's a big improvement from a Cherokee pulling a cargo trailer! My wife is loving it of course, in fact she was the one who negotiated such a great deal! The th has plenty of room for a yxz or even at xp4...hmm...
  10. Hey all, it's been a long time since I've posted here! We did a nice trip last weekend with about 20 Riders, didn't do much Dune riding but did a 147 miles on Friday to the surrounding mine areas and Kingston wash. Thursday was super windy, but everything was smooth and Awesome by Friday! Testing out a new set up at the dunes, finally got myself a nice toy hauler and proper Chevy Silverado 2500 HD diesel to haul it! Loving it!
  11. Great motivation to get out there next Halloween, thanks for the awesome reports and pics! Dusty!
  12. If anyone has a reasonable offer, feel fee to msg me! It is posted to a few other sites also. Hoping to sell 'er by this weekend!
  13. Major a hole moves. Thanks to our guy for the wicked cleanup work.
  14. Selling my 2015 CarryOn 6 ft x 12 ft Enclosed Trailer Conversion. I tow this awesome trailer with a V6 jeep cherokee with no problems. One owner on this trailer, purchased new and I've done all the work/additions with exception of the slider window. I use this rig to go camping with 1 or 2 motorcycles and a quad or two could fit inside and I have taken it to Dumont several times. The dry weight is 1000 lbs. The total weight is somewhere around 1200 lbs minus toys. If you have a v6 SUV or med truck, this trailer is the perfect combination: light weight, easy to tow, doesn't take up much space, comfortable and way cheaper/lighter than the smallest toy hauler. I'm 5' 10" and there is easily another 4-5 inches of headroom since the ceiling is 6' 6". The pictures, map wall, posters etc can be taken down. Here is a complete list of what it comes with:-Rear ramp door with cam locks-Side RV door with cam lock & interior lock-Window with screen and slider-2" rigid insulation in walls, 2.5" rigid insulation in ceiling-wood ceiling (most enclosed trailers come with open ceiling)-Drawers, cabinets, tons of useful storage-Countertop for preparing meals-RV-style pump faucet and sink with drain-Carpet & vinyl flooring-4 D-ring tie-downs-Shower kit with USB rechargeable battery-Stove-Electric fan-LED lights & Dome lights-Bed for one (quite comfortable, and can be folded up to fit toys or used outside as table)-Shelves-Caster wheel & sand pad-Spare tire-Painted inside, grip coating on ramp door Contact Daniel via msg Title in hand.No trades, cash or cashier check only. Get it before someone else does!
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