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  1. 08 Silverado ltz 2500hd 18 Attitude 23sa (Pic from Tecopa HAS in Dec) I got to say it's a big improvement from a Cherokee pulling a cargo trailer! My wife is loving it of course, in fact she was the one who negotiated such a great deal! The th has plenty of room for a yxz or even at xp4...hmm...
  2. Hey all, it's been a long time since I've posted here! We did a nice trip last weekend with about 20 Riders, didn't do much Dune riding but did a 147 miles on Friday to the surrounding mine areas and Kingston wash. Thursday was super windy, but everything was smooth and Awesome by Friday! Testing out a new set up at the dunes, finally got myself a nice toy hauler and proper Chevy Silverado 2500 HD diesel to haul it! Loving it!
  3. Great motivation to get out there next Halloween, thanks for the awesome reports and pics! Dusty!
  4. Major a hole moves. Thanks to our guy for the wicked cleanup work.
  5. Ready with new truck, new TH and now have the capabilities to bring the wife! Now I just have to sell my small toyhauler trailer>>>>>see classifieds, please help pass the word! We will be out for the first trip in mid OCTOBER woohooo!!
  6. One more dual sport in the dunes sounds great! Man I was buzzing around on the 5th up til just before sunset...then bugged out (our group was camped since the 3rd) and wish I would have known ya were there....doh! One day I'll get to meet you and personally say Awesome job with this site!!! You're an amazing admin Pete! BTW nice capture on the wipeout, you were still holding onto the bars so it don't even count as a "crash" LOL
  7. Yeah yeah! Good stuff! Just what I wanted to see to get me even more pumped to head out to DD today-Friday! First trip of the year....3 months in.....yowza!! I blame this amazing snow season we're having haha
  8. Wow I'm really missing Dumont, and your report made me feel better, like I was almost there. Congrats on the new bike, she's a looker! Hoping to get out there in Feb, but so much snow in the mtns have keep me busy n' buried. Trailer will take some work to free up after the 5 feet we got last week!
  9. More than a little jealous! I'm looking forward to the time when I can have both a bike and Utv to take to Dumont
  10. Nice! The condition of the dunes will most likely improve, just needed a few more days and a good breeze. The dune gods looked down upon us and smiled, and we smiled back!
  11. Great to be back at DD! The wind was very quiet, almost too quiet since the sand was fairly beat up in spots. But that just makes for a great workout while riding a dirtbike! (currently looking at SXS) Camping areas around bathroom 8 were trashed so I took a hour or two picking up all kinds of junk/crap/trash and strangely two pairs of shoes. Temps were perfect, nights were only slightly chilly, but the big fire helped with that. Rode with the Mayor and Delivery guy, all of us Riding Red with at least one 2 stroke in the mix. I kept the trip very basic this time, box o soup and sweet potato chips for dinner and pre made sandwiches from home for lunches, and breakfast up in Shoshone. Felt really good to be ripping around again, hope to make it out there again at least once more this year! Good to be back 2 fighter jets flew thru this pass earlier...couldn't have been more than 300 feet off the flats
  12. Went to DD Wednesday-Friday. Didn't do much duning as the group trip in October is more about dual sporting around the DV area. In 3 days we did 400+ miles. In the little time I did ride the dunes it was great, sand was a bit "rippled" and rough from wind but also smooth and flat in most areas. Trash was a disappointing sight, not much but more than expected. Bathrooms seemed clean but that's expected. Great weather!!! Almost no wind, just warm enuf' without being hot (high 80s), great crew of 10+. Sperry Wash is great, hardly any water though. Entrance road was so nice it almost seemed paved! One trip down, 5-6 to go!!
  13. My duner friend sent this from the ADV website. Sums it up perfectly, well done video plus a bit of bonus history lesson on the area. I'm super pumped to go duning now....check out that wet/not too wet sand!! http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/why-i-keep-returning-to-death-valley-and-dumont-dunes-a-red-bull-video.1177795/
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