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  1. What time is everyone planning on getting there.
  2. If anyone knows someone who has either 1 stu 33" sand blaster paddle for a 15" rim I could use it. Im open to other brands as long as they come in a pair and the price is right. They are going on a 500HP sandcar. shoot me a text if you have something. 702-575-3468
  3. SO, I am dead serious about buying a Tatum black widow spider next weekend. I just recently sold a quicksand car with a 5.3 and cam upgrade and a mega sand tranny that is supposed to be the equivalent to the Mendeola 2D. It seems like the stock Tatum overall it has the sequential mendeola (don't know when the last service was) it has a turn key LS1 motor that they say has 500HP it is a 2006 chassis and has a really nice paint job 934 CV's and 300m axels all steel braided lines turning brakes king shocks all the way around no windshield no GPS no heated seats no fancy light bars I think i am getting a good price on it. I am buying it from someone that traded it for a boat. What should this car cost me? should it cost 25k, 30k, 35k 40k, 45k 50k? I know it is hard to throw an estimate at something that you haven't seen, but i know Tatum is a good sand car and it looks like it is in very good condition. any advice is appreciated
  4. where can i get the statement of facts? I did a google search and it didnt pop up right away.
  5. thank you sand snake i will get the statement of facts filled out and notarized. I had ride now do the VIN inspection. that works the same right? how long does it usually take from sending the paperwork out to receiving the title?
  6. Sorry for the question, but I could really use the help. I understand the process, but there is one thing I need clarity on. AM I GOING TO BE CHARGED TAXES ON THE ORIGINAL SALES PRICE? or any taxes at all for that matter? I have the certificate of origin from the builder ( one of the large sand rail manufactures ) this was dated in 2006 and addressed to the original owner I have the bill of sale that was purchased recently this year. the owner did NOT have the title, he only had the certificate of origin. He never submitted paperwork to get the title in 06. The certificate was in his name, and there was no loan on the rail. I have had the VIN verification done by ride now I have the certificate of origin I have a bill of sale I will fill out the application for OHV registration and I will send in the checks for both the registration and the title fees. Am I going to have to pay taxes?
  7. My condolences to the friends and family. I found this http://www.gofundme.com/fjjufw and I am sure that every bit helps.
  8. Thank you. I am hoping to take it out for Halloween. there seems to be a couple of people really interested in it though. I'm trying to hold out on selling it so that I can do one of these day trips at minimum. Maybe I just wont sell it?! thanks for the positive words.
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