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    Alarm Systems, CCTV, Audio/Visual, Access control, Intercoms, Pre-wiring

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  1. didnt see a deisel price...
  2. steveo


    95% of all hotels on the strip have security cameras through out the parking garages and also have security bike gaurds patroling at all times.
  3. steveo


    anytime, iam just glad they didnt get sh*t. its crazy how many people wait untill something is taken to consider a security system, everyone should have one with or with out the monthly service (monitoring) stand alone systems work just aswell, they make alot of noise in and out of your home to scare the idiot off. dont wait till something happens, take action now and eliminate the head ache of trying to find something that is no longer in your garage or home. Call me...
  4. steveo


    As you all can see alot of break in's have been happening the past 2 weeks. 3 people in custom homes around the race track warm springs area were hit. ( tv's / dirt bikes/ etc stolen. They have been breaking out the sliding glass door to get in. throwing rocks through them.. a good friend of mine in Boulder city that has been putting off installing an alarm was hit Monday night around 10:30pm ( a 60 inch flat screen and a $500 sub woofer was stolen. ( he has an alarm now) alittle late (cut a hole in garage overhead door and hooked pull rope to release door lock. (EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THESE ROPES OFF THEIR GARAGE DOOR, THERE IS NO NEED FOR THEM) THEY MAKE IT EASY TO GET IN YOUR GARAGE) Sand snakes wake up call this morning. (ALARM HELPED HIM OUT) Ash's incident. if anyone has any security questions let me know. PS - this is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated...(inside joke)lol
  5. Pack it in throw it on the ground......lol
  6. yeah right....lol... thats fuggin right..i heard satin will be dumping out cups of blood that weekend (inside joke) i be there fo sure
  7. Anytime Pat. see you on Monday Ken.
  8. when i first saw this topic i thought it meant storage in toy haulers, then i saw wingnut was the last to post. if anyone knows how wingnut rolls out to the dunes you will understand why i would think that maybe just maybe wingnut might be sharing with us all how he fits so much sh*t in his toy hauler. OFF TOPIC sorry (but if you see wingnut pull up to camp run over and check it out, its funny a$$ sh*t...... sorry wingnut
  9. yeah sometimes your shoes will fly off, and sometimes even the pants will fly off i guess we were not fortunate enough to witness the pants portion on this one....
  10. Will ferrell and Baby cop
  11. good times for sure, it was nice up to the part where i hit a wall from getting no sleep the night before. (I WAS OVER IT). It was alittle weird ridding my quad, that thing has'nt seen the dunes in like a year lol Oh yeah did any of you know that Curtis is related to Lance???? looking forward to the next one
  12. Hey Devon, Let me know how it works out. i like to get feed back when i send someone work, just to make sure iam safe to do it again in the future. i have received good feedback on this guy in the past so good luck..
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