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  1. Bad ass Video Pete. that got me really looking forward to Buggy Roundup
  2. looks like an awesome time. we have all had those weekends where everything seems to go wrong.
  3. this is sad. it seemed there was a time were we heard about these situations multiple times a year. RIP
  4. i believe there is a deal pending on the car now. seems to be a lot of interest in it the last few days.
  5. Am I the only one that it seemed like there was a crazy amount of carnage over thanksgiving weekend? Our camp had a few issues, but it seemed like the medical team and helicopter were constantly on the move this weekend? When I spoke to one of the guys at the ranger station on Friday he even commented that the incidents were already far more than Halloween weekend where the population was much more than double.
  6. that is a crazy crash, hope everyone is ok is that picture looking toward camp area? or is that facing toward Baker/I15?
  7. Looks like a bad ass trip! thanks for sharing
  8. http://nealrideoutphotography.com/ he hasn't posted them yet, but that is the website.
  9. the blown out back wheel on my car says different lol! it was probably a little baby jump anyways. weak ass rims!
  10. great pictures! I was really hoping someone got a picture of when I hit that jump. It felt like we were in the air for a while, but the pictures if had some would be the judge.
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