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  1. I was scared! I thought it was something to do with my computer, then I had the same issue at work.
  2. i know you said NW, but on Sunset and Ft Apache there is a Maverick that has dedicated pumps just for RV's and big rigs. you are able to pull right around. Its perfect.
  3. anyone got a set of these laying around in vegas? right now I have a 2" offset and pulling into my toyhauler is a little tight. 702-575-3468 HMU if you got em
  4. looking forward to buggy round up 6! we have a few buggies coming!
  5. YUP its true. buggy. quads, and trailer all recovered. it will be a Dumont for Thanksgiving as originally planned. Make sure none of you attack him thinking its still stolen
  6. shampooed carpers hung new tv re-screwed some cabinet doors in put new amplifier
  7. Dumont in July nailed the hottest day of the year I think.
  8. Posting for a friend call or text him 702-218-9690 2007 Hayabusa sand Car, title in hand,power commander, back cut gears, bump stops, light bars, bead lock wheels, vince exhaust, beard seats, full skid plate, 2 led light bars, led whip mounts, dirt tires, Fox shocks, 930 cv’s, brand new chain n sprockets, extra parts, pm me for more info too much to list must see 15,000 OBO
  9. haha. that was just the test hit to see how the jump would throw us. We were planning on trying to make it further hoping to hit a little bit of the backside of the dune for a smoother landing. I ordered the OMF rim stiffeners that I believe you have. Unfortunately UPS says they were delivered, but I for a specific reason did not receive them. When I called OMF they stepped up and are sending me new ones at no cost to me while they deal with UPS. If anyone needs rim products I would highly recommend this company.
  10. that is a great picture! thank you so much Neal! you know how to make a photo look better than it really is! gonna have to buy that one off of you.
  11. awesome pictures, and great report! I was hoping there would be a picture of when I broke my rim on the jump!
  12. until

    buying a toyhauler just for this trip!
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