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  1. anyone have an axle laying around that doesn't need it? hit me up please 702-575-3468
  2. the center caps on those 2" hollows are fire!
  3. Hey Pete, always appreciate everything you do and the events you put on. Made a small donation. hope it helps.
  4. I was scared! I thought it was something to do with my computer, then I had the same issue at work.
  5. i know you said NW, but on Sunset and Ft Apache there is a Maverick that has dedicated pumps just for RV's and big rigs. you are able to pull right around. Its perfect.
  6. anyone got a set of these laying around in vegas? right now I have a 2" offset and pulling into my toyhauler is a little tight. 702-575-3468 HMU if you got em
  7. looking forward to buggy round up 6! we have a few buggies coming!
  8. YUP its true. buggy. quads, and trailer all recovered. it will be a Dumont for Thanksgiving as originally planned. Make sure none of you attack him thinking its still stolen
  9. shampooed carpers hung new tv re-screwed some cabinet doors in put new amplifier
  10. Dumont in July nailed the hottest day of the year I think.
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