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  1. We'll be out there Tues/24 --Mon/30..same spot near 5.
  2. Ill probably wait until I get my car back...thinking the first part of April. I have a couple weeks off during that time. I'll let u know Pete.
  3. Good trip. Nice to meet up with some of the DDR peeps! Let's do it again soon! Who ever put on that fire work show killed it!!!!
  4. We'll be out there with our usual group near 5....
  5. It's all good times. The Imperial County S/O have their hands full down at Glamis. The Dumont folks are good, hard working people that just want to shread some dunes! Makes our job easy.
  6. Mineurbiz...."I remember a few years back, a couple LEO's tried to go have fun with the duners, bringing two of the dirt bikes to the hill and racing. What do you think that got them, nothing but grief, funny people like you want to complain about them, then when the relax and have fun with the duners people b*tch then too."........ya, I got a write up for that one!!! Lol
  7. Thats awesome. ..We'll stop by. Gonna roll in Tues at night. ..See ya then!
  8. Great pics Pete!!!! Thanks again for putting the trip together.
  9. Great weekend! Pete, thanks for the invite. I had a blast on the run I jumped in on. Nice to finally meet some of the members here. You guys definitely know how to run the dunes. I put nearly 90miles worth of duning, jumping, and wheeling on the buggy with not one issue. Happy about that. My boys broke both their quads AND Momas quad, but better the quads than the buggy! Baby Jake (11 months) had his first trip to the North Pole (VERY slow roll). Guess it's time to now punish the desert, and hit the dunes again in October.
  10. I knew my ears were burning!!
  11. Bob, your posts always give me a good chuckle! I think I'm finished trying to convince you water is wet and the sky is not falling. Like it, love it, or hate it...you don't have an "expectation of privacy" when it comes to the air scent around your car, truck, MoHo or anything eles you're are driving/towing. Meaning it is NOT a 4th Amendment Violation to walk a drug dog around your rig while you're in line waiting to buy a pass at Dumont, check point, border crossing, etc. This is straight from the mouth of one of our K9 officers with 20+ years of experience. Sorry if you aren't happy w/it, but it's law. Hech, I'm not happy w/our President for the past 4 years, but my wife and I cast our vote for a REAL change, so at least I feel like I'm trying to change something I'm not happy with. Bob, I feel like I owe you an apoligy. Poor you started this post simply wanting to share and express your opinion with wasteful spending. I feel like I helped de-rail your initial topic and turn this into a 4th Amendment debate. For that, I am very sorry. I hope you're not offended. Now, Bob, I have a little secret I want to share w/you and only you. I made a couple calls in the last 2 days. Come REAL close to the screen cuz I'm only gonna whisper it once. The Sheriff's Dept had nothing to do with the so called check point. It was BLM's dog and Rangers. This has been confirmed w/more than one person in the L/E community. There was actually talk about OUR handlers helping out, but they decided it was a waste of time/money...LOL!!....Now, I still admire Terry for checking w/Larry. But we need to consider the source. Larry is a good guy, I've worked w/him for several years. BUT, he is in charge of vendors and permits (and some others things)...NOT law enforcement activities. Larry did not intentionally give false information. NOW, you made some pretty dicey comments about the Sheriff's Dept pretty much trespassing on Fed land, violating EVERYONES 4th Amendment rights. Some advice my future friend...., do a little research of your own before you start bumping gums about something you know VERY little about, and spitting out something THAT bold. Those are some very serious alegations. I try extremely hard to be a positive influence on people (even crooks), and when the Dept gets a black eye, I automatically get one too. I guess it comes w/the job. With that said, I'm looking forward to shreading up some dunes w/you in the near future. Maybe even throwning a few back around a campfire....I'm sure you and I could have some pretty interesting conversations.
  12. Bob, thanks for digging up some case law on this situation. But don't just quote half of the court holdings, then start claiming 4th Amendment Violations. Bob's part..... "Police may not conduct roadblocks "whose primary purpose is to detect evidence of ordinary criminal wrongdoing." The part Bob forgot to post..."Such roadblocks must have a specific primary purpose, such as keeping roadways safe from impaired drivers, or enforcing border security." This is cut and pasted directly from the court holding section of the case law. Now the important part is the "specific primary purpose" clause. As far as I understand, and I did not witness the may-lay down at the gate, but there was a DRUG dog walking around peoples stuff. A DRUG dog has a specific primary purpose...wanna take a guess what that might be?? It's safe to deduct that removing DRUGS would help to reduce ordinary criminal wrongdoing, but it's primary purpose is to detect drugs. AND, a dog can walk around your vehicle as long as you're not detained for a period of time as to shock the court. We usually say a couple of minutes. Soooo, if people were stopped, buying passes and a dog is walked around their stuff while in line, there is no 4th Amendment Violation. You don't need a Search Warrant to walk a dog around. Now, did anyone actually tell the cop're NO, you can't come in, after the dog DID NOT hit on their vehicle?? If they entered w/o a S/W after you said no, thats a very clear 4th Amn violation. Did anyone actually just drive around the other's who were stopped buying passes and talking with the cop'rs? I'm just curious if it happened, and if they were chased down for no reason. Or were these contacts all consensual, meaning did the cop'rs just okie-doke their way into peoples castles with consent? A cut/paste from court holding on CA vs Carney..."A motor home is subject to the automobile exception to the 4th Amendment search warrant requirement because it is readily movable." The key point to this case is the READILY MOVABLE clause. If you're driving your MoHo down Dumont RD, guess what, it's READILY MOVABLE and Leo does not need a warrant to chech the reason as to why the dog hit. If its parked in an RV park, then it does not fall under the automobile exception to the 4th Amendment and a search warrant is DEFINATELY needed, even if a dog hit on it. There is much more to the Carney case as to why the Supreme Court over turned the Ca Court IF you read further, but you appear to be very selective in sharing only SOME of the information, which is not to the benifit of the members of this web-site. I don't think it's intentional though. Heck, even w/a degree in Criminal Justice and almost 13yrs on w/the SO, (nearly 10yrs of it in the driver seat of that kidny busting Sheriff's beam car!!), I sometimes get confused too. As far at the Sheriff's Dept being on Federal Land....I spelled it out pretty clearly...its on that page-long post I wrote about "nothing"... AND, just because my pal Larry said he didn't know anything about a dog or check point, doesn't mean BLM and the Sheriff's Dept didn't plan it together. I'm not saying Larry would lie, but Chief Ranger Pat Chassie(another pal) doesn't need to clear anything with Larry before deciding something. You're smarter than that Bob. If not, I got some ocean front property in AZ for ya!! You're painting a picture as if the Sheriff's Dept just rolled up like they owned the area, screamed suprised, and started going to town on peeps. Getting a dog and setting up a detail like that takes multi-agency involvment and planning. The BLM and SBCSD have a very good working relationship. I assure you, it was not a suprise or unplanned. As far as your topic title for this post...hey, to each their own...we're all entitled to our opinions. I just want to clear up some of the mis leading information you're throwing out there, my future friend .....I tried to keep it all above the belt for ya...
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