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    Chad Lozier
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    King car #64
    Gen IV Briggs built
    Carolina Steal cr500 Honda pilot
    Trx 370
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    4 other long travel pilots
    2011 rzr 900
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  1. Kingcar64

    Friday Evening Bird's Eye View

    Happy Thanksgiving. Coming to ya live from Dumont Dunes.
  2. Kingcar64

    4th Annual Buggy Roundup

    I'm in!
  3. Kingcar64

    Halloween Weekend 2016 Pics

  4. So I'm looking to take my little girl out for her first ride this weekend. Nothing major but I just want to find out what everyone uses for helmets? She is 14 months old and we are just looking to do a putt putt. I've had one buddy tell me that bicycle helmets work is that what everybody else uses, and have they ever had an issue being pulled over by the Rangers?
  5. Looking to take her little girl out for her first ride she's only 14 months old but I think a regular kids helmet will be too big. does anybody know if bicycle helmets are legal in the razors?
  6. Kingcar64

    3rd Annual Buggy Roundup Trip Reports & Pics

    It was good to catch up with you guys. Had a blast. I have a few shots to upload yet. Can't wait to go back out.
  7. Kingcar64

    Hayabusa Custom Buggy Sand Rail Car for Sale

    I tried to text you and you have the wrong number