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  1. Drone footage is the best...SF Woody
  2. Summer is coming, people are already on the water down there. Contact Lisa at 951-375-6594 for a showing. Best deal on the river...SF Woody
  3. no HOA here, you are limited to days of use, but haven't seen it enforced. no subletting is allowed...SF Woody
  4. Sure can Ace, yes it's located at Echo Lodge. Has HVAC, You also get a storage spot in the back lot for whatever you want to store there. They have a small store in the park, basketball and volleyball courts, horseshoes, a dog park. Have a restaraunt and bar in the park, and some wadding/kiddie pools at the restaurant. Some dunes and riding right outside the park and a good place to shoot also, alot of bird hunting in the area, also have seen deer there as well. Standard trailer Regs, this year they were 151.00 Insurance on the place for me is about 220.00 year. Space rent annually is 6050.00/504.00 month Space rent monthly is 6600.00/550.00....Better to pay by the year. Water and cable is provided, electricity is whatever you use and can range. Going down 2-3 times a month for me is about 80.00. Semper Fi, Woody
  5. I've accepted a job offer back home in Indiana, selling my river place on the Parker Strip, great place to relax and enjoy the water. Space rent is paid until Jan 1st. Everything but personal items stay, tv, dvd, keurig, all stay etc....Please pass to anyone that may be interested...SF Woody For Sale by Owner: 1 BdRm/1 Bath/Storage Shed Front Row, 100’ from boat launch, New subfloor in kitchen and bath, new base cabinets in kitchen, new sink and cabinet in bath, new flooring, new plumbing, paint, comes with Golf Cart in picture, new batteries in 2013. Fully furnished, ready to stay right away. Mike @ 9099211789 $24,500.00....Price drop to 22K, phone doesn't work great here, email is wsky70@outlook.com ​If interested in checking the place out, contact Lisa at 951-375-6594, she has the keys and will show it to ya...SF Woody
  6. Damn...I just found these and posted as well....SF Woods
  7. [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s27.photobucket.com/user/wsky70/media/IMG_0980.jpg.html'>
  8. [/url]">http://http://s27.photobucket.com/user/wsky70/media/080302371-1.jpg.html'>
  9. Rest in Peace Brutha Bert, Love ya!!! Our prayers are with the family (love you too). One of the best guys you will ever meet, he would give you the shirt off his back. Bert, you are missed by many and loved by all!!! Anything I can do, please let me know.....Semper Fi, Woody
  10. Just a little thing called Crime Prevention.... Now the word is spreading about and people will think twice before coming out with that stuff....SF Woody
  11. wsky70

    New Duner!

    Congrats to all of you....
  12. Terry, I wrote down for the meeting on Nov 13th, the time was going to be at 130pm...at least that's what they said at the time...SF Woody
  13. I attended the meeting, was the ony person that showed up from the public....Of course the new passes are ready for purchase, can be obtained through all the normal channels, will also be at the sand show next weekend. Attendance was up from the previous year by aprox 10k visitors. They are carrying over a total of about 137k this year, but nothing is final until the end of the month. Larry informed everyone all the projects were completed over the summer, post and cable, visitor center and a different communication device that allows all the emergency services to talk to each other, which will provide better response time. They also discussed some points about possible reducing the fees and passes next year. They would like to have basically 1 pass for the entire time, get rid of the holiday/nonholiday one. Also as was suggested from an earlier in the year meeting, to allow a second vehicle sticker/pass for the families that show up later. We all know alot of us head out a couple days earlier than our families. That second vehicle would not be allowed to bring in any toys with them. Just be able to get through the gates and meet up with your family/group/etc.... They need to have a public meeting/comment period, I suggested they do it at Dumont where I believe ALOT more users would show up!!!! They initially set a date of Oct 27th at 10am Dumont Visitor Center. That's Halloween weekend peeps, we need to show up in force. They will provide either a survey/comment card when you come through the gate. Just need to make sure you fill it out and drop it back off Sat morning, Randy will be talking Sat morning at the visitor center, as I'm sure Larry Blain will as well. Show up and find out what all has been done for you the user out at the dunes on that Sat. Overall the meeting was pretty short and they were ready to hear some public comment, just didn't have alot...Semper Fi, Woody
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