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  1. Also installing a full exhaust kit may help your engine breath better.
  2. Nice 4 wheeler tires combo... What size is it?
  3. Plug in a BD THROTTLE SENSITIVITY BOOSTER. Surely it would make you smile.
  4. Sorry, but thank you for mentioning it.
  5. No what I meant was the engine cover armor...
  6. Got it jalper! I was just really shock about the Gas can thing.
  7. What brand is this? I can't really see it, my cousin is planning to get one for his bike.
  8. Any official link or memorandum about this new law?
  9. So were you able to solve the overheating issue after installing your new rad?
  10. Amazing work! Love the carbon fiber trim and LED light bars!
  11. Beautiful bike! Congrats with it...
  12. Good and useful idea Dune Master!
  13. As long as it well sealed it could last a year or two. Just be safe in storing race gas make sure the flumes are not evaporating.
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