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  1. Hey, do you guys think the "LIKE" button, is the new "X2"? Nothing useful to add. LoL!
  2. So I got some new parts on. But I can't get the Fast Way Adventure pegs on. It's driving me nuts! I think I ordered the 2014 set.. IDK? Still working on it. Well not really, its to hot. BPGuy, I had bought all that stuff before you had responded. Too bad for me for sure, i spent too much. I also got a Seat Concept seat with orange stitching.. It looks good. I just don't have a pic yet. But if you guys have a hookup for this... http://www.bikebandit.com/riding-gear-and-accessories/motorcycle-headwear/motorcycle-helmets/shoei-hornet-x2-seeker-helmet I want it bad!
  3. I totally needed that info 2 days ago, BP... Thanks, I still have a bunch of gear to get.
  4. I picked up the luggage and the skid plate today. Bad AS$ foot pegs, seat, and rear rotor guard yesterday. I think I better wait on anything else before my wife catches on. LoL! I love outfitting a new bike! It's so much fun.
  5. You bet Pete. Mid july I want to do a Utah ride. I need to get some stuff on it first. I ordered some foot pegs, a rotor guard, and a magnetic drain plug today. Next is this; http://mosko-moto.myshopify.com/collections/all/products/reckless-80lLooks like a good setup to me. Have you bought anything from http://ktmtwins.com?It has some cool parts.
  6. I picked this up a week or so ago. I've never owned a KTM before, but I have to say, this bike is awesome! I took it to mormon wells pass, with a friend and it performed so well. It was like riding my 450. Lite, nimble, super powerful. I like it!
  7. This one is harder to sell. I really like this bike. Just bought a whole new rim set up for it. It was built by a local guy out of race parts from his former race team. IT HAS EVERYTHING! Too many parts to list. take a look at the pictures. This is a super clean bike. I never had it titled. It does not have a vin # but I have all the info to get it done. Statement of facts and bill of sale from the builder. 4000.00 with new rim set 3000.00 without them. All new Maxis dirt tires
  8. I'm going to change things up next season. 3500.00 06 LTR 450 Mostly stock. And well taken care of. Oil changed every 6 months, if it needed it or not. 3 trips a year to Dumont and one to Duck Creek is all I've ever done on it. Runs great, and rides even better. Ella Stage 4 shocks HMF Tip Nerf Bars K&N filter with outer ware New rear Haulers on black ITP Mag style rims ITP 2 rib fronts Stock rims with crappy dirt tires Ken 702-525-7494
  9. What a great weekend! I rolled in on Friday at dawn. I didn't get much time in this season, so the drive into the camp was a little hairy in the coach. I ended up parking near the first finger dune. Thats as far as I felt comfortable going in the dark. After a quick nap, and a invite to camp with VegasStyle, LouB, and Randog. I got setup and hit the sand. The new RMZ ran great on friday. Nice and smooth, jumps great, rides great, and flat get's it done. I rode it all day. As the sun was going down, I hauled it back to camp. No lights yet. Thats when I ran into Randy, Joe and Lou. I wanted to hang out and ride some more but only had time for the wheelie bye Randy. LoL! Pulled the bike in the trailer, and pulled out the lefty LTR for some night time fun. Saturday's plan was to, Hit some more sand in the AM, on the motor sickle (LoL, VegasStyle's name for it!) and then go help Ynot with the clean up.. No such luck. I spent an hour trying to get the RMZ to start. Totally forgot about helping out. Sorry Terry! Finally gave up and went on with the clean up. Pulled 3 bags of trash out of the camping areas north side.. I didn't find any half eaten cactus this year, thank god. That sh*t still hurts my hand when I think about it. I had some big fun, even if it was a working weekend. I had some homework to do for my next job, so I didn't do a lot of fireside drinking. But what I did do was good times. Thanks guys for letting me camp with you. Hopefully next season, I'll have some more free time to ride. KB
  10. I'm in for the weekend. I could do some volunteer work, if you could use some help ynot. I don't have a flat bed, a lot of time, (have to ride the new bike) or any motivation, but I can do something.... maybe, kinda. IDK? What ya got?
  11. Thanks you guys. Wait till you really see it. It's super clean. Yep Steve, I still have the KX. I'm going to get the new parts I have for it, on it and sell it. It's a scary bike.
  12. I've been shopping around for a new dirt bike lately, and I found this on Craig's list. Did a test ride out at Amargosa over Presidents day, and I like it a lot! It was some race teams practice bike so it's all set up. I'll have to put together a parts list. My roots are from 2 wheels and my LTR is on 2 wheels more than it's on 4. I can't wait to get it to Dumont, with the right tires on it.
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