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  1. Is there a place in Baker that some friends from LA can park on President's day weekend from Friday to Sunday so they don't have to bring their city cars on the sand?
  2. Just picked up a new to me Ram 3500 with 6.7 Cummins. First time owning a diesel. Has k & intake. Everything else is stock. What upgrades should I do to increase performance. I see people say to get egr delete and tuners. are these worth the money? Only bought to tow camper and toys
  3. Not your flashlight... You loved that thing.
  4. You can camp with us. We have a 2.5 year old and there are some other families too. Will be camping near bathroom 6. We have a few sand rails and quads. I'll have a 32 tahoe with white chevy 1 ton
  5. Are you able to change the speakers still or are they all on all the time?
  6. The legality isn't what I'm worried about. Just don't want to tear up my new 5er. How heavy were the boats you towed? I'm looking at about 5k total for second trailer
  7. I just bought a new to me 32' 5er. I'm in the process of getting a new ram 3500 diesel 4 wheel drive. I plan to tow doubles with my flatbed with my toys on it. I've seen this done many times at dumont and have read about this alot. A few people on some forums have said not to do it because the frame of the camper won't support the weight of the second trailer and till pull floor away from the walls. Anyone have experience with this or do I just need to build a new subframe to put the hitch on?
  8. Yeah. Got the new studs and nuts today. The LEO that was there was cool as hell. We erected changing tires putting paddles on and he was saying he wasn't worried about flags because it wasn't a holiday weekend. Didn't come checking for stickers or permits or anything. Just wanted to shoot the sh*t.
  9. Anyone know if the Fox (I think that's who did it) family is doing the haunted house this year?
  10. Temps didn't even hit 90 I don't think and we got there about 4. It was 72 when we left at 1
  11. It was fun. Lines are all messed up and straight walls everywhere. Waiting for someone with more balls and bigger rail than me to knock some of them down on Halloween.
  12. http://m.desertdispatch.com/articles/dumont-15636-dunes-barstow.html just a news article on it.
  13. That's why I stress to everyone in my truck several times every single trip on the way there to never go over the top of a dune like that. I tell them to go up cut the top and then if it looks ok to transition over. So sorry to hear about this especially since none spoke English and didn't know what was going on.
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