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  1. looks like good times not being there sucks have a safe trip pete
  2. car is very fresh from engine to paint,2.5 Subaru with everything out front motorsports has to offer for this engine, mendola mds 4, power steering,heated seats,windshield,comm system with intercom, belts & power coat new this year ,trans last season, engine, season before trans, car is very quick & reliable& safe well built car. A season for this car is 4 to 5 trips a year. car is ready to go shred dunes right now 35,000 obo 661-616-8095
  3. what a great way to start the day [Dumont halloween 2016] cant wait to lay tracks
  4. Just rolled in tues night road was a C at best lots of ripples from rain yesterday good news no dust have a safe weekend everyone
  5. manual boost control used once,very fine control settings, great for stock turbos, 75$
  6. 06 suspensions unlimited,2.5 turbo subaru
  7. honda 5000 ex low hours exercised regularly, used as back up generator for camp its too small for our motorhome, just want too pass on a good deal 1000$ 661-616-8095
  8. old colors are gone new colors are in, if anybody has questions about power coating parts for the second time for a color change i got a real lesson on what it takes
  9. hey dude hows truck coming along, it wont be the same without you and carrie camping all alone will suck big time for us cars all done wanted to surprize you iam going too post it up so pete and his crew can find me

  10. cant wait Pete had a great time last year planning on being there this year
  11. saw these for sale thought empty parking couple buddies what a great time anybody seen or rode these before ?
  12. Those are great pictures wish i could of been there, [love that smooth sand]
  13. if only it looked like this all weekend, had a great time anyway, thanks for all the hard work dunefreak, it was great meeting new friends
  14. looks like he found it white motorhome white enclosed trailer
  15. yes i have lime green cones in a big circle just west of 10 and north of 6
  16. i meant no passes at shell south end of town use to be Valero
  17. no passes at valero on south end of baker, but country store has them ,got camp started hope everybody has safe and smooth trip, got camp started putting out green cones so its easy to spot at dark
  18. they just don't make them like they use too. could of been big on the highway
  19. buggy round up here we come this is going to be cool
  20. me and fstteddy are all in cant wait to meet some new buggy friends
  21. Headed out tues night i will get circle started this is my rig
  22. until

    headed there tues night be in 40' gulfstream motor home with a 30' all aluminum deck over trailer i know the area so i will get circle started cant wait to meet some friends
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