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  1. i've been with state farm for over a decade. every year i call around to see what other insurers are offering, and state farm is always lower for the same policies (probably because of the longevity.) it depends on the person (credit, driving record, etc.) so some companies work better for others. it's good to see that they cared about your business, pete.
  2. i appreciate that info as well. i'm going to call them and see what they can do with my yfzR rear.
  3. i'm not a basketball fan at all, but if you ask me i don't think that it'll last long.
  4. president's day weekend is the busiest weekend of the year at dumont sand dunes. it's the same weekend as the jeep jamboree. turnout is expected in the tens of thousands.
  5. january 05 was nas-tay. it rained the whole month. my neighbor was having his roof done that month, heh.. it wasn't pretty.
  6. while flippin' channels i ended up on another newsbroadcast interviewing haitians.. it seems that they could use canned food, blankets, water, and physical treatment.. not one of them asked for some cash. i got a cabinet full of canned food i don't intend on using, some old blankets, and i wouldn't mind chipping in some water. i'd like to keep my money in the bank, and apparently the three stooges want me to keep my old blankets and food as well.
  7. that's agreeable to a certain extent. this is a little embarrassing but i was watching oprah and some other broads the other day and they were having this conversation as well. i can tell you for a fact that NO black person prefers "colored." the rest you mentioned is all pretty much preference amongst black folk. i'm always givin' my buddies sh*t about being "african." i'm not sure they're very aware of how poor the quality of life is there, yet they still maintain their african pride. i purchased a new vehicle last year and the salesman was from ghana. actually, i purchased another new one from him on saturday. he is so happy and proud to be an american in america. he had poor things to say about his people and his government. anyway, so much for haiti, hah.
  8. c'mon ace, you know you're allowed your opinion, it's that people shouldn't be allowed to bash other peoples opinions. debating an opinion is another thing altogether, that's always interesting and i always encourage that. but those of which you mentioned, when you cross the line we're gonna call you out and go eye for eye. see that big red heart below my handle ace, that's my love for you. feel free to add something insightful and informative to this thread. p.s.. alot of things have changed since the 60's. we don't commonly use "negro" anymore, just say "black" or "african american." back on topic, maybe.
  9. no temper at all, that's just me normal. i'm sicilian, i use toots and broad loosely, please don't take that in any offense, as those aren't words i intend to be disrespectful. back on topic: skyz, although we disagree on most everything.. i agree with your posts on the "relief effort." i choose not to follow up on the broadcasts anymore. everytime there's an update or a story, it's followed by "again, the president is urging you to send money."
  10. agreed. me too, i'm a jerk and a big meanie also. -shrug-
  11. i would rather read this than see a smiley used in place of a word. thanks for correcting that don. i believe people can respect that more. as far as everything else, that's your opinion that your entitled to. i agree with most of it.
  12. are you mentally handicapped? i can care less if the president is black, white, yellow, brown, or whatever. i didn't vote for him. for once you start a thread that has merit. did you read above where i stated that i was apalled about the whole thing? and that was before obama got involved when it was initially just clinton. so why am i the only american in america that can't have an opinion, huh toots? my next post in this thread will get to my point, which was very clear, and don obviously understood it. i dunno why you can't.
  13. double-posted.. i guess my laptop is as wired on caffiene as i am!
  14. this is entertaining. i hope it transpires, i'd like to witness it myself. keep it going fellas.
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